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(Password protected page, unknown password)
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Affiliated with: Calls_To_Myself and Cyberstalking.</center>

On this wiki-page there will be listed the "Call Logs" from my Call Alert, affiliated with AOL. The numbers of those that called into my online voicemail will be kept from being disclosed here, for the sole purpose of protecting the privacy of those that called.

Which brings me to another very valid point and definitely something to also keep in mind. When a person's privacy is invaded via a computer and/or phone, the privacy of ALL THOSE THAT CORRESPOND with the person, whose privacy is being invaded, is ALSO invaded.

In other words when people IM with me or email me or send me messages like on Facebook, the person eavesdropping "on me" is not only seeing and reading what "I" am communicating, but is ALSO seeing and reading what the person I'm "communicating with" is communicating TO me. If the person is eavesdropping via a phone, with mobile phones and cell phones particularly vulnerable, although all phones are, then the eavesdropping person is then privy to "both" sides of all the communication carried on over the said phone/phone in question.

So, this unethical act then becomes a VERY compounded one, because then, MANY people's privacy is involved, not just the person being targeted that owns the phone and/or computer.


Voicemail "Not In Service" Call Logs

(images here)

Please also refer to: Calls_To_Myself and <blog:1131671>.


Calls Came In "While Offline"

(image here)

This was just another bizarre occurrence, considering my phone calls aren't supposed
to be taken via my online voicemail, especially if I'm not even signed onto AOL!


Screen Capture Of My AOL Password Re-settings

(image here)

Please refer to: <blog:1131806>.


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