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"A Little Red Heart"

Yes, the Mayor did, to my badge box, add
A little, red heart that made me very glad.
On the day after Valentine's, such a special touch,
It made me very happy. To me, it meant so much.
But when it came time for him to admit, declare,
He chickened out, I guess he didn't dare.

For if he did say he had done the deed,
Others would have then felt a likened need
To turn on him, just like they did with me.
So it became a secret, a secret that must be
Kept from all and hidden very well,
Not to be mentioned nor to ever tell.

When I thought that leaving would truly be the best,
Because of all the cruel mockery towards me and the jest,
This angered him. He became curt,
Decided to get even with me for his own hurt,
And so he removed the little, red heart
Knowing that my own, it would tear apart.

What's so really sad about this incident,
Is in its intention, what it truly meant,
For the person who gave it was too afraid to say,
That and why he did, so near Valentine's Day.
And so the recipient, me, myself, and I,
Can only think of it now and just, sadly cry.

Not because of the little heart I lost,
But because of its repercussive cost,
Leaving me to wonder what could have been,
If only he had had the courage to say so then.
For what he didn't know, and now likely never will,
Is how much he meant to me, and even does so still.

By Artsieladie, aka Sharon Donnelly ©2013-08-25

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