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"Vow Of Love"

My dearest sweet, succulent man,
Listen closely as best you can.
I'll not be, your maid nor servant,
If you can't tell, you're not observant.
I will not bow to you, you're not above,
But side by side, it's you I'll love.
My loyalty and devotion is indeed true,
My heart, my body, I'll give to you.

But should you abuse me, disrespect,
I then will slowly, you, reject.
If you want my love in every way,
Do not demand that I obey,
Your every want, wish, command,
Do not to me, raise your hand,
To strike in anger or in rage,
For I will then from you, disengage.
Do not confine me nor try to control,
For if you do, there'll be a toll,
A truly most expensive cost,
My love for you will then be lost.

Speak to me from your heart,
From your most important part.
Perfection's not what I expect from you,
But rather show me the real and true.
You'll be my king if I'm your queen.
No one else shall come between.
Mistakes will be made by us both,
But they needn't destroy our solemn oath.
As long as we each as together we live,
Let go of grudges and install "forgive".

We must keep alive what drew us together,
As long as we do, the worst we can weather.
Your hopes, your dreams, I'll share with you,
With equal desire that they come true.
Your secrets I'll keep, take to my grave,
As you must mine, preserve and save.
Your pain I'll share. You'll never be alone,
My happiness will depend upon your very own.
I'll be your lover. I'll be your wife.
I'll be your partner throughout my life.
I will be your most trusted friend,
I'll love you forever without end.

By Artsieladie, aka Sharon Donnelly ©2013-10-05 02:15:00 (EST)

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"Of all the Gifts, Love is the best!
Give Love freely, without request!"

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