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My digital art of a horse, Pinnacle, a fiery red-orange, chestnut, with a flaxen mane and tail, a race down his face, and a
snip on his muzzle.

I LOVE horses! As a child, particularly, I read every book I could find and get my hands on about horses. Informational or
stories, it didn't matter.

My favourite book was "Scarlet Royal" by Anne Emery. I've read this book thirteen times! ..And I will probably one day read
it again.

The Macintyres had a riding stable called Green Meadows. One of the horses they owned was Red Queen, a fiery coloured,
chestnut Arabian mare. They bred her to an Arabian stallion, and Scarlet Royal was the result, a very spirited, independent
minded filly, not unlike Margo, the daughter, and she and Margo, developed an incredible, unbreakable bond, that ultimately
carries through the undercurrent of the story.

Scarlet Royal was feisty and unruly. Everyone who tried to handle or ride her, found her very difficult to control, all except
Margo, however. Because of this, though, Scarlet couldn't be used as a schooling horse, since Margo was the only one who
could ride her.

When there became a serious financial situation due to Margo's Dad passing away, and so needing money to keep the riding
stable afloat, Margo, although heartbroken, agreed to allow Scarlet Royal to be sold.

The daughter of the man who purchased her, Ginevra, was a spoiled brat, and very jealous of Margo, mostly because Margo
always won over her in all the horse shows, but also because she couldn't control Scarlet, which infuriated her since Margo
could ask Scarlet to do anything, and Scarlet always responded willingly. With Ginevra though, Scarlet tossed her! Yay for

Long story shortened... Green Meadows recovered financially and became prosperous again and so, the Macintyres could and
wanted to buy back Scarlet Royal. But Ginevra was so jealous of Margo, she told Margo she was going to sell Scarlet Royal
to a buyer with whom Margo wouldn't ever be able to see or find her beloved horse again.

The buyer however, unbeknownst to both Ginevra and Margo turned out to be Margo's boyfriend who managed to fool Ginevra
into selling to him Scarlet Royal. He gave Scarlet to Margo as her graduation present. Margo, of course, was elated, but when
Ginevra learned she had been had, well, one can imagine how furious she was.

I can somewhat relate with this story. I had a horse, a Palomino mare, named Dancing Gold. She had been very mistreated by
others before I owned her. She was difficult to handle, until I spent an entire year, just learning her and talking to her and just
hung out with her. It is during this time, she and I bonded and she grew to trust me. I could ride her with no saddle or bridle,
but anyone else who tried to ride her, she always took them straight to the barn.

This piece is a redo, as well, for the same reasons I've already covered. I first created it in 2007 and then redid it in 2013.


I'm not happy I have to add this block of text notice to every page, because my artwork is being stolen right and left, used
by non-members and is being offered as 'free to use' on/from other websites in their collections without my permission, since
"created by/copyrighted to" doesn't seem to be sufficient enough for some who make it a habit to steal other people's works.
So, to those who are thinking about taking, using, offering to others MY work, etc., violating my copyright, this next chunk of
text leaves you with NO excuse for violating my copyright. FYI: "I" have never placed ANY of my works in 'public domain'!!!


<img:> - Any and all graphics I post on this site are NOT for non-members to use for ANY reason without MY PERMISSION!

<img:> - Any and all art/graphics I post on this site are NOT for non-members OR members to add to and/or offer from ANY
      other collections on ANY other website, period! NO EXCEPTIONS!

<img:> - Any and all my creative endeavors I post on this site are NOT for ANYONE to use, modify, offer for use, etc. without
      MY PERMISSION with the ONE exception being: ONLY Elfpack members can use my graphics ONLY "as is" in their
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<img:> - This information nullifies any and all excuses for violating my copyright. FOREWARNING:
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     <img:> - To ALL art thieves: you WILL be reported, "BLACKLISTED" and made viral throughout Social Media.

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Created by/copyrighted to [Faith.Hope.Love]/Artsieladie/Sharon Donnelly.
©2007/2013 All rights reserved.


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