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My Inspiration! I should add in regards to this work, the name of the person, who was the sole inspiration and so,
responsible for this work coming to fruition, as well as my Golden Promise Pegasus, as he also was for so many of
my other works, both art and written pieces. When you admire someone as much as I did Henrik, such a person
automagically becomes inspirational.

I wanted to create a Pegasus that would 'knock his socks off' lol ...and this intention was obviously fulfilled, when
he saw it (in it's pre-finished state) and made the comment, "Astounding". Hence the title.

In spite of what has transpired in a negative direction between us, he still holds a place in my heart ..and always
will, regardless of how or what he thinks or feels about me. The dagger he's plunged into my heart is still there
and I'll likely leave this world with it still in my heart. All I have ever wanted from him, is "the truth", but I won't
hold my breath waiting for such.


I'm not happy I have to add this block of text notice to every page, because my artwork is being stolen right and left, used
by non-members and is being offered as 'free to use' on/from other websites in their collections without my permission, since
"created by/copyrighted to" doesn't seem to be sufficient enough for some who make it a habit to steal other people's works.
So, to those who are thinking about taking, using, offering to others MY work, etc., violating my copyright, this next chunk of
text leaves you with NO excuse for violating my copyright. FYI: "I" have never placed ANY of my works in 'public domain'!!!


<img:> - Any and all graphics I post on this site are NOT for non-members to use for ANY reason without MY PERMISSION!

<img:> - Any and all art/graphics I post on this site are NOT for non-members OR members to add to and/or offer from ANY
      other collections on ANY other website, period! NO EXCEPTIONS!

<img:> - Any and all my creative endeavors I post on this site are NOT for ANYONE to use, modify, offer for use, etc. without
      MY PERMISSION with the ONE exception being: ONLY Elfpack members can use my graphics ONLY "as is" in their
      Elfpack houses and on wiki-pages!

<img:> - I can be contacted through my "Contact Me" page on any of my blogspot blogs:
     <img:> - Artsieladie-Creative-Corner Blog:
     <img:> - Artsieladie-Heartbeats Blog:
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<img:> - Plain text only emails. NO generic/hyper-links or url shorteners; NO attachments. Non-compliance = spam = deleted.
<img:> - For other places to find me online, look below under "Artsieladie Online" and click on "Show content".
<img:> - This information nullifies any and all excuses for violating my copyright. FOREWARNING:
     <img:> - I do NOT deal with dishonest, disrespectful, and greedy people.
     <img:> - To ALL art thieves: you WILL be reported, "BLACKLISTED" and made viral throughout Social Media.

About the usage and sharing of my Creative-Endeavors_By-Artsieladie in greater detail, please see:


Violators of my copyright listed here; updated as needed:



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"Astounding Stallion - Pegasus"

Created by/copyrighted to [Faith.Hope.Love]/Artsieladie/Sharon Donnelly.
©2008/2013 All rights reserved.


Just in case he decides to deny the "astounding" comment of his I mention above, like he
did in regards to the little, red heart he put in my badge slot on Elftown, take a look at this:


Inspiration ...but bittersweet. :(

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I should add in regards to this work, the name of the person, who was the sole inspiration and so, responsible for this work
coming to fruition, as well as my Golden Promise Pegasus, as he also was for so many of my other works. I wanted to create
a Pegasus that would 'knock his socks off'... lol ...and this intention was obviously fulfilled, when he saw it (in it's pre-finished
state) and made the comment, "Astounding". Hence the title.

Unfortunately, the person who has been so inspirational, so influential in regards to my creativity, is the very same person
who is now denying me access to my work, along with slandering my name. It is both difficult and heart wrenching to have to
conclude that a person who is so capable of greatness, harbours such a tremendous amount of value within himself, but yet,
chooses to be the exact opposite. THIS is tragic!

Initially, this piece was meant for its home to be on . The links displayed in this work were supposed to be: , , and but in lieu of the choice made by the site owner, making
the situation as it is, the initial intended home had to be changed and as long as the situation remains as it is currently, I
strictly prohibit this piece to be uploaded to ANY heddate site/server. In fact, I no longer upload ANY of my artworks to ANY
heddate site/server for the very simple reason, I can no longer condone, support, promote, advocate for, etc., a person and/or
their sites, when they are deliberately, with malice, trying to destroy and defame me and are denying me access to my own
work in the process as well. If I were to trust him again and upload my work to his site, THIS would make me look stupid,
which I am not.

To accuse "me" of being a liar, when he KNOWS full well I am NOT, but KNOWS he, himself, is lying and covering up the truth,
THIS speaks volumes about him and what type of person he prefers to project himself as. To accuse "me" of making up
"conspiracy theories", when I have the facts and then threatens me to shut my mouth, when I bring some of the factual
information out, to prove that I'm neither lying or making up conspiracy theories, THIS warrants HIS motives to be called to
question at the very least. ..And those who don't question, but rather, go along with this agenda, are just as guilty as he is.

To think that "I" did so much for him and his sites, both on and off of them, especially Elftown and Elf12, and then to be
treated the way I am and have been, is downright disgustingly sickening. No one in their right mind kicks to the curb a per-
son who's as devoted and dedicated as I was. I used "my" name all across the Internet to help promote and increase
awareness about, especially Elftown. In fact, he's still reaping the benefits from my name and online presence, as he slan-
ders it! This is pretty damn low. So, he reaps the benefits from my name, but in turn is slandering it and stealing my work!
What kind of person would ever do such a despicable thing!?

I joined many, many websites for the sole purpose to get a link or links posted back to Elftown. In fact, I joined Facebook to
support and help promote Elftown. I purchased the domain of to use my name to bring increased awareness
and attention to/for Elftown. I also purchased the domain of to use the site to bring more attention to/for Elftown.
I was even going to invite some Elftown members to to help with this endeavor and I even thought that possibly
at some point, it could have been an extension of, when Elftown became a much more prominent site on the 'Net,
to help make Elftown an even bigger and more prominent website on the Web, because I never limited my visions for Elftown.
In fact, I dreamed of Elftown becoming "thee place to be" on the Internet and with his capabilities, I never doubted for a min-
ute of THIS being possible. But THIS is the kind of faith and belief I had both in him AND his site(s), particularly Elftown. ..And
to go along with this idea, I even created a Facebook page!

I started a WetPaint site, "Elftown Lovers" and a blog for the same reason, to promote Elftown, as I also started a Twitter
account, again, for the same reason. ..And this was when I knew very little about networking and its benefits. I still am in the
process of learning how it all works, but I do think about how much more I could be doing for Elftown now, because of my
increased presence online and all the connections and contacts I've made. ..And the beauty about networking is, if you place
a link to a site, image, whatnot, in one place, then it automatically gets spread around through/on all the accounts/sites you
have connected to where you placed it. ..And then with the hashtag feature being used on Twitter and now other sites, too,
like Facebook, this is another tool that can be used to bring more attention to Elftown, for example.

Let's just say, for example, and to explain what I could be doing IF I was still active on Elftown. I could share/post images
and wiki-pages on Pinterest. Then whatever I did on Pinterest, would be sent to Facebook AND to Twitter. Once on Twitter, it
would also be displayed on all my other accounts I have connected, such as Tumblr, WordPress, Facebook timeline, Facebook
page, etc.. I could share/post an Elftown link or links daily on my Facebook timeline, where there's a large audience and so,
many connections, which would increase attention and awareness about Elftown AND once on my Facebook timeline, it then
goes automatically to Twitter.

If I were to reactivate the blog for Elftown, it would then be connected to at least Twitter, which would then ultimately send
whatever I post on it to Facebook and all the other accounts connected to Twitter. I just joined a new site which is about more
online networking, which I hope to make many more connections through. On Google+, the number of people joining my circles
is growing steadily. Therefore, here's another avenue to increase awareness.

BUT... I can't do ANY of these things because I can NOT support or promote a person or anything pertaining to that person,
who is hellbent on maliciously trying to destroy my name and reputation and who is stealing my work. So, he gets to carry on
with his agenda sure enough, but he isn't doing so without cost to himself. Apparently, he thinks it's better to cut off his nose
to spite his face, which isn't an intelligent strategy no matter which angle it's viewed from.

So rather than acting maturely, responsibly, and intelligently, he decides to allow his ego fed, stubborn pride to supersede and
intercept his smarts. Instead of communicating with me, to work things out, and so I wouldn't have to feel forced into defend-
ing myself, which involves telling the truth, backed up with data showing I am, which makes him look rather bad, he'd much
rather keep this dragging on, like a child would, because a child doesn't differentiate between good and bad attention. A child
will accept any type of attention, as long as it's attention.

I have offered to him a number of times a willingness to work things out "with him" and in a way that would be "mutually ben-
eficial" for us both. But I guess he must like all of the negative attention, instead of the positive attention he could just as well
be benefiting from. To think I once admired him for his intelligence. I guess I was wrong to think this.

It's just so difficult to accept that a person I once SO admired, respected, and looked up to, and who has SO inspired me, could
turn out to be such a mean, cruel, and heartless individual. ..And all those who I considered to be friends, joined in against me,
serving the crusade of a jealous individual to get rid of me from the site, which I now have confirmation of as of about two and
a half years ago. ..And yet, there are people that think I should just treat this whole mess like it's no big deal, when if it were
happening to ANY of them, they wouldn't be quiet about it. People who expect another or others to do what they would never
do themselves, are pretty damn shallow and self absorbed. :'(

I would like to one day be able to put this all behind me. Unfortunately, one can't do this when their subjugation continues. As
long as this situation remains as is with his stalking of me and invading my privacy, tampering with my devices, even destroying
my computer's harddrive causing $3000 in damages, it can't be put in the past. Having someone spy on you for over eleven years
now and still going on, is a long time to be put through such. My health has suffered because of it. How anyone can take pleasure
in causing another harm is beyond my comprehension. God knows I have a gazillion reasons to hate him and those who have and
continue to defend him, but I don't hate him or anyone else. I refuse to allow my heart to be infected with toxic hate, is why.


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2013-08-17 [Faith.Hope.Love]:*artsie's*%20pegasus%20images

2012-03-05 terri: To the artist beautiful work, astounding!

In case you revisit this page, Terri, thank you. I appreciate your compliment. How ironic that you use the word "astounding", since I, "Artsieladie, aka Sharon Donnelly", just finished the "Sovereignty" piece, displayed on this page, but I've renamed the final piece: "Astounding Stallion - Pegasus", to commemorate the owner of this site's compliment on the unfinished version, "Astounding". Since I can't enter an actual working link here, just add "h t t p : / /" (without the spaces) to this: to make the link complete to be able to see the finished work. It is slightly smaller, because it's saved in the better PNG format and to keep this format and keep it under 15 MBs, I had to make it 4400x4584, instead of keeping it at 4800x5000. Thanks again! :)

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