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2010-01-31 16:45:05
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nude chat sign up

these pages are for cybering. pervets beware i will find out that you are one if you are</h1>

This wiki page is for guys and girls to sign up for nude chat.

1. You have to be 18 or over.
2. You have to be almost fully naked or fully naked.
3. The pictures can only be of you.
4. No spamming or destroying the wiki.

how to get the password for nude chat:

you need to put your name on here:
1.[bumb slut]



4.[Deviant Z]


please put your name and I'll send you the password.

Please don’t be shy. Just because I’m a guy, doesn’t mean I’m a pervert, I set this up for guys and girls to discover each others bodies in all shapes and sizes.

you can use any one item of material of underwear.

the way to put your picture up is, placing the picture on the page then putting your name under it

The human body is beautiful in every way, from head to toe

please only submit if you want to, this is not forced

<h1><center>submissions need to be done with in 1 day otherwise you will be
taken off this wiki and the password will be changed
i know people on elfpack are especielly scared due to pedos being on here but im a good spotter and as i am the chief of elfpack police i will spot one if they come i promise</h1>

my age checking staff are:

the staff of nude chat are:
[footer] owner
we are currently looking for a modeling manager

open date:
5TH July 2009
closing date:
5TH Jan 2010

Missing: </h1>

This index (category) has only one listed wiki-page:

Username (or number or email):


Login problems?

2009-07-20 [ShanelleRenee]: im not over 18 so im not joining.

2009-07-20 [footer]: ok

2009-07-20 [bumb slut]: i want to join

2009-07-20 [ShanelleRenee]: HAH!
of course..

2009-07-20 [WASHACKED]: you sent a invite but i wont join im only 14

2009-07-20 [ShanelleRenee]: wth

2009-07-20 [It was just my imagination.]: Same here man. only 17.

2009-07-20 [ShanelleRenee]: wow...

2009-07-21 [footer]: no worries lol

2009-07-31 [jenny.]: sounds fun i guess but 16 so no...

2009-08-01 [ShanelleRenee]: is he dead?

2009-11-23 robert: l48zqk

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