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<img:> - Elfpack-Halloween-Photo-Competition
<img:> - Elfpack-Halloween-Poetry-Competition
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2013-10-28 [Faith.Hope.Love]: This uploading feature is whacky. As can be seen on this page there is showing a "stray" center, and it's because ON this page, there is one "<center>" too many. However, in my house, no stray center shows, even though there's one extra here. If I have all the centers' beginning and ending tags as they should be here on this page, then a "stray center" shows in my house! Go figure! Why doesn't the wiki-page edit work/display the same as in the house or vice versa? Either something is screwy with the feature or there's something I'm overlooking or unaware of. But either way, there should be an explanation of how this feature works or is supposed to work. :(

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