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The Council are the team of people who keep the site running smoothly. They host official contests and features, and are here to answer any questions you have about Elfpack, and how it works.

Please note: The Guards are the people who enforce the Elfpack Rules, and the Mainstuff Bosses are the people in charge of what goes on Mainstuff.


(Badge Credits)

Malevolent [Stephen] - Warden
Roaring [kittykittykitty] - Deputy Warden

Mystique [Amalaswinta] - Senior Advisor
Insane [Cerulean Sins] - Public Relations Boss
Mischievous [Deg] - Goofy Elfpackers Elfpacking! Boss

(Badge Credits)

The Obsessed [Orestez] - Captain of the Guards
Minister of Destruction [HeAVenShallBuRN] - Role-Playing Contests Boss

(Badge Credits)

Whammie [sammie h!] - Elfpack Awards Boss
Mischievous [Schlachter] - Magicians Apprentice

**To see the members who use to work on the Council, look at Retired.**


Do not ask to be on the Council. Instead, go apply to the crew and expect it to take a long time. We want people who are going to stick around. During that time, try to do things to prove to use that you would be a good member of the Council. Also, see how to gain an EP title for information on how to get badges.

If you think your badges are messed up or you are missing a badge you deserve, then message [Stephen] or [kittykittykitty].


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2013-05-29 [sammie h!]: Lol, I can't find something i was meant to be doing with the Graphics, ahh, who was it I messaged? :)

2013-05-29 [I'm gone.]: Looooool

2014-07-22 [Stephen]: Council members, please look at [44050 (Unknown or private posting)].

2014-09-09 [sammie h!]: I'm back, ready for action :)

2015-08-26 [gypsy_soul]: Who is in charge of approving new members? I recommended someone to the site. They applied twice and never got approved..

2015-09-03 [sammie h!]: some of the Guards [Hedda] and [Stephen] how ever as this site is going dead, they may not be keeping on top of it.

2015-09-08 [gypsy_soul]: Cant bring it back to life if new members arent approved... To bad this site used to be awesome

2015-09-18 [sammie h!]: We really need to try our hardest to get people motivated again

2016-01-10 [Morgoth]: I hereby declare myself the new Warden of Elfpack. Do not question my authority or you will face multiple bans.

2016-01-14 [djxmonster]: no

2016-01-14 [Ringbearer]: Compu'er says noooooo.

2016-01-15 [Morgoth]: Hey! Don't make me make you face multiple bans!

2016-01-16 [Ringbearer]: Computer attempting to give a damn.... process failed... cannot give a damn.

2016-04-12 [Morgoth]: A few more years of this sass and I'm going to get upset!

2016-07-03 [sammie h!]: Lol wow

2016-09-20 [djxmonster]: O_o

2017-03-13 [Stephen]: Huh.
Hi, Elfpack. -waves-

2017-03-15 [Ringbearer]: yo

2017-04-12 [Eyes of the Reaper]: *waves*

2020-07-25 [Morgoth]: I'M ALMOST UPSET.

2020-10-23 [shinobi14]: Almost...

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