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Artsieladie Logo:



<red>"Truly Supportive Friend"</red>

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<dgreen>If I support you among your friends,
I will support you amidst your foes.
If I share in your happiness,
I will share in your woes.
A friend who supports in private,
But reneges when there's a crowd,
Is really not a friend
For which to be proud.
A true friend is consistent
And shall stand their ground,
No matter if alone with you
Or with others all around.</dgreen>

<blue>Written by Artsieladie, aka Sharon Donnelly ©2013-08-05</blue>




<dgreen>Showcase for my "new" graphics.</dgreen>






<img:> <img:> <img:> <img:> <img:> <img:> <img:> <img:> <img:>



<blue>Since I can no longer "trust" uploading my best art works to a heddate site, most of my best works I upload to my account
on It's not how I prefer it, but it's apparently how [Hedda] wants things to be, according to his past and present
demeaning actions and behaviour he exhibits towards me. Until it is proven otherwise by him, and only him, this is how then
things will stand.</blue>



<red>New Endeavor!</red>

<img:> <img:> <img:> <img:> <img:> <img:> <img:> <img:> <img:> <img:> <img:> <img:>
<blue>Being an artist for many years, using traditional mediums, helped me to incorporate the experience and knowledge gained
when I began creating digitally in April/May of 2005.

My first digital works when I look back upon them now, are really awful, but as with most everything, the more one does
something and practices something, the better at whatever they will become. In so doing I've learned much and it is what
I've learned along the way and also what I will continue to learn and since I am happiest when I'm helping others, I would
like to share my experience and knowledge with others. Hence, my "new endeavor"!</blue>



<red>Some #Quotes of mine...</red>

<img:> <img:> <img:> <img:> <img:> <img:> <img:> <img:> <img:> <img:> <img:> <img:> <img:> <img:> <img:> <img:> <img:> <img:> <img:> <img:> <img:>
<blue><img:> - “Love UNITES! Hate DIVIDES!”
<img:> - “Truth sets us free; lies hold us prisoner.”
<img:> - “The most painful to endure, is the "pain within".”
<img:> - “It is through our greatest pain, we discover our greatest strength.”
<img:> - “When one closes the door on 'fitting in', one then opens the door to 'extraordinary'.”
<img:> - “A continued transgression kept in the present, cannot be placed in the past nor therefore, forgiven.”
<img:> - “Knowledge deprived equals ignorance. Ignorance breeds fear. Fear enables intimidation. Intimidation powers control.”
<img:> - “The denying and covering up of the truth is the pathway for the weak minded to pursue, which leads to nowhere ulti-
      mately, except their own demise.”
<img:> - “People unwilling to communicate with an open mind and a receptive, forgiving heart, but continue to cry foul, keep at-
      torneys employed and rewarded handsomely.”
<img:> - “Remember, when others are jealous and envious, they are so, because of who you are and they are not; what you
      have and they have not. Accept their feeling of jealousy graciously as an inverted, disguised compliment!”
<img:> - “When we understand there's a purpose for our misfortunes and learn to use them to help others, to understand, have
      compassion and empathy for others, especially in their time of need, we then empower ourselves to invert the misfortunes
      into blessings of unspeakable value, affording us the ability to negate the negative energy and darkness and transform
      it into positive energy and light.” ~ Namasté </blue>

<red>Quotes by Artsieladie, aka Sharon Donnelly ©</red>




<img:> <img:> <img:> <img:> <img:> <img:> <img:> <img:> <img:> <img:> <img:> <img:>
<blue>If you can pretend, then so can I.
These feelings between us, they're just a lie.
Your dreams of me and mine of you,
They're all fabricated. They can't be true.

My thoughts of you that seem to persist,
They're not real. They don't exist.
My concern for you, my caring,
Of the same, you aren't sharing.

There is no flicker, hence no flame,
Not even an ember to try and tame,
For there is no passion. There is no fire,
To extinguish or quench, to cause desire.

There is no longing in this heart of mine,
For you, no ache or pain. It's just fine.
So my dearest, you're off the hook,
This chapter has ended. Now close the book.

If you can pretend, then so can I,
And feelings not living, can never die.</blue>

<red>By Artsieladie, aka Sharon Donnelly ©2013-09-04</red>


<blue>More coming!!!</blue>

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