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whatever we say goes so if Kitty has a rule follow it or you will be kicked off of the wiki thank you

Have you ever wondered what happens what you die? How do you know if you're truelly alive or living in some weird afterlife? ((is lousy at this sorry guys I'm tryin if anyone wants to help I would appreciate it but basicaly I just want this to be like a RPG about what happens when you die I don't want to step on anyone's religion or anything I just want to make like I dunno adventurey thing like you can go to heaven/hell/stay on earth/whatever it's just an RPG please don't take offence))

an example would be like All Dogs Go To Heaven where Charlie is murdered and goes to heaven then comes back you can do that if you want or you can just stay on earth, go to hell, go to heaven, whatever you want it's entirely up to you

another example (as provided by kitty xD) you could make it like an in between like their people who have died before their time and they're trying to get back to earth to start their lives over maybe they're people who havent been the nicest or lived their lives the way they're suppose and they have to go help someone else on earth like them and help them change before they're given another chance at life if that makes sense ^^

Anyway it is ENTIRELY up to you how you wish to have your character's afterlife set up :D dang I hope this makes sense o.o

The Rules:

1. You're character at some point will have to "die" now you can "die" however you wish it's entirely up to you if you want to die right away good for you if not you don't have to but at some point in the RPG you have to die and come back in some form of afterlife.

2. This is a RPG for FUN I know that everyone out there has different views on what happens after you die and guess what? OMG i don't care :D this is for fun if it offends you that someone has different ideas then you I'm sorry you shouldn't join then ANY RELIGIOUS RELATED ARGUEMENTS WILL RESULT IN EXPULSION FROM THE RPG!!!!!!! alright if you guys really want to discuss your views I will be more then happy to allow it on THIS wiki but not on the main RPG if that makes sense.

3. Any and all SEX needs to go here --> Sexy Afterlifeness xD don't you love how I made everyone look at the word sex?

4. Character information goes here --> Afterlife Character's try and keep it under 3 characters if you really really want to have more you can but kindly make a seperate wiki for it as it gets too many on there and annoys me :D

5. The RPG will take place here --> Afterlife RPG

6. Basic rules apply but join please I want this one to be a good one I put alot of thought into it (i know it doesn't really show but yeah I promise I really did try with this one)

7. if anyone has any good pics that go with this send them to me please :D

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