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Please use this and only this format when filling out the Information

Character Name:
Age: (before death)
Short History:
Sexual Preference:
Death: (how will your character die)
Afterlife Choice: just descirbe what afterlife you wish your character to have please
Other Information:

Username: [wolvie]
[Reserved for Wolvie since it's my wiki bitches xD]
Character Name: Jet
Age: (before death) 37
Gender: Male
Personality: He acts cold and uncaring but once you get to know him he opens up to be a very nice and loving man
Short History: He was orphaned at a young age and decided to be a theif, he has advanced to becoming a killer for hire and currently has 29 kills under his belt
Sexual Preference: Straight
Death: (how will your character die) He will be murdered by a police officer while trying to fulfill a hit
Afterlife Choice: He will come back to earth he wants to come back to try and make a new life for himself change the man he was into something better rather then a murdering heartless animal
Other Information: He lost an eye when an old man saw him trying to rob him, the man stabbed Jet in the eye

Username: [wolvie]
Character Name: Drake
Age: (before death) 29
Gender: Male
Personality: Fun loving and goofy he always does whatever he can to help people laugh he has a darker side however where he looses controll over himself and will try to hurt and or kill anything in his path
Short History: He was born a Nekko and lived an ordinary life till he turned 21 when he ran away from home. He now works as an "escort"
Sexual Preference: Either he doesn't care
Death: (how will your character die) He'll be killed when he gets struck by an incoming car
Afterlife Choice: he'll choose to stay on earth as an undead ghost MEANING that at first he will only be able to be seen by very select people however he will soon get a collar to enable him to be seen by everyone when he wears it
Other Information: he can shift to a wolf
<img:> <--wolf form

Username: [wolvie]
Character Name: Bruce Dickinson
Age: (before death) 53
Gender: Male
Personality: Fun loving and childish bruce is just an overgrown child basically he's very immature and gets his feelings hurt very easily just like a kid, he has a heart of gold and tries to make other people happy but often people find him annoying with his constant childish antics
Short History: He's been the lead singer of Iron Maiden for the past 30 years, has done some solo work, is a proffesional fencer and was offered to repressent brittian in the event in the olympics, also he is a pilot and loves to fly. Beacuse Bruce is such a short man he often is intimidated by size and will try and talk his way out of fights if he can.
Sexual Preference: Either he's bisexual and not ashamed of it
Death: He has already died in a concert accident when the stage collapsed crushing him
Afterlife Choice: He has come back because the angel's gave him a second chance since he never really fell in love and had a family like he always wanted to do but hasn't spoken to anyone yet he knows that everyone knows he is dead and doesn't know of a good reason to tell them for why he would be back
Other Information: he can shift to a wolf and back again freely also he can heal OTHERS but when he does this it greatly drains him
<img:> wolf form ^^ his fur is dark brown though >.>

Username: [wolvie]
Character Name: Simon Bishop and Verdell
Age: (before death) 27 and 1
Gender: Male
Personality: Simon is caring and sweet, he's easily hurt but hides it fairly well and is very open about his sexuality. Verdell is a doggie and is ugly xD but he has a cute personality
Short History: Simon is a gay artist who lives in New York, he loves to paint and usually invites homeless people into his home to paint them. Also he has not spoken to his family in several years the last time he saw them his dad shoved money into his hands and told him to never come back beacuse of his sexuality. Simon is ashamed and hurt by this but refuses to try and hide who he really is. Verdell was adopted by Simon about a year ago and was raised from a pup on he is very attached to Simon.
Sexual Preference: Simon is gay Verdell is err doggie xD
Death: Simon will be killed when he invites a homeless man into his house to paint him, the man brings his friends over without simon's knowledge, they proceed to rob him while he's painting but when Simon gets up to take Verdell out he see's the men they panic and proceed to beat him unfortunatly they go to far and end up beating him to death. Verdell witness the assault but does not die or anything however he does go to simon when the men leave and tries to lick him better he also finds people to try and help but it's already too late
Afterlife Choice: Simon is given the chance to come back so he can take care of his dog also because he never had a real relationship the angels give him the chance to have it.
Other Information: none yet
<img:> Simon is on the left
<img:> Simon and Verdell

Username: [Madness? This is WOLVIE!!!!!!!!!!!]
Character Name: Maxwell Edison
Age: (before death) 24
Gender: Male
Personality: Fun loving and fairly goofy but he's also dead serious and passionate about the things that he believes in. He's a good guy but he does have a few moments of selfishness but he's usually caring and nice however he has been known to stab other people in the back in order to get what he wants plus he can be very very cold and uncaring he's usually not afraid to hurt others for himself
Short History: He's been an actor well wanting to be an actor for many years and has recently gotten a few small rolls but longs to really break out and do something big and become famous he'll basicaly do whatever it takes in order to have his dream realized.
Sexual Preference: either but he tries hard to hide his gay tendensies
Death: He'll be killed in a botched robbery when he refuses to give up his wallet to a mugger
Afterlife Choice: He'll come back to earth as an angel deciding to re-do his life and help other people rather then himself
Other Information: none as of now :)

Kitty's Characters

Mana De La Croix
Anna Nouveau
Martin/Joey Williams

----->Profiles---->kitty's afterlife characters

Username: [Strawboy]
Character Name: Alec
Age: (before death) 19
Gender: male
Personality: originally shy, after his death though he became much more open with who he was.
Short History:Bullied horribly in school Alec was shy and reserved. After dyuing he realized how he had wasted his life staying quiet and decided to become more outgoing.
Sexual Preference: bi
Death: (how will your character die) killed in a house fire
Afterlife Choice: he chose to return to life and try to change who he was.
Other Information:

Username: [HeAVenShallBuRN]
Name: Samara Williams
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Personallity; Bubbly, happy, hyper
Short history: She grew up on the streets and was a hooker basically, doing anything for money, to live
Sexual Prefference: bi
death: Raped and murdered
Afterlife Choice: too young to die!

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