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Welcome to a wiki unlike any other...a wiki to celebrate something we all love and hold very dear...yes that's right VIDEO GAMES!!!!

Here you can 
~ Write and read reviews
~ Post your video game collection's with pride
~ Stare in jealousy and awe at other people's collections
~ Chat with friends about the games we all know and love
~ Learn more about amazing video games you may or may not have known about



Nintendo Entertainment System!

Super Nintendo!

Nintendo 64!

Nintendo Gamecube!

Nintendo Wii!

Nintendo WiiU!

Nintendo 3DS!

Nintendo DSi/DS lite!

Nintendo Gameboy Advance/SP/Micro! 

Nintendo Gameboy Color! 

Nintendo Gameboy!



Playstation 1!

Playstation 2!

Playstation Portable!

Playstation 3!




X-Box 360!











Personal Computer Games


Game Submissions

ok so this is where my wonderful helpers you can put the games that you have wonderfully filled out for me ^_^ so here is what you do make a wiki with the game title, fill it out USE MY FINISHED ONE'S FORMATTING then put it in there ^^ easy no? thanks guys ^^


Brought to you by:

~Grand Puba of Upper Buttcrack~

~Foo Foo Cuddly Poops~

~The green does strange things to my libido~

[Sigyn, The Faithful Wife]
~Simba you have forgotten me!~

~Wolvie grew weary of waiting xD~

~I see your soul Through the Eyes of the Raven~

~The infamous Fat Bastard in disguise~

~Has sex with all things Microsoft~

~Deadly Hunter, Master of Mystery and Shadow~


For a full list of ALL the completed games ((updated weekly)) go here --> Complete Video Games Note: Do to Wolvie's moving this page will NOT be updated till I get situated

Want to show off your games? here's where you go --> Video Game Collections

Want to help Wolvie out even more? look here --> Video Games To Do List

Want to know what exactly is being done with this wiki on a day to day basis? Check here Video Game Updates to view all the work that goes into this wiki every day ^^

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2013-10-04 [I'm gone.]: ..... wowwww.......

2013-10-04 [lulu dinobot]: Im playing pokemon yellow on gbc atm :)

2013-10-05 [DeeJay™]: actually, i thought they'd called it '2DS' 'cause it was the second version of the 3DS.. lol. catchier name than '3DS2'.
currently rockin' pokemon white on the DSi XL ;D!

2013-10-05 [lulu dinobot]: If its anything but indigo league its not real pokemon.

2013-10-05 [DeeJay™]: depressingly, i dont know what that is <img:mood1-gif.gif>

2013-10-05 [lulu dinobot]: You dont know what pokemons indigo league is?? Im disappointed. Indigo league was red blue green and yellow.

2013-10-05 [DeeJay™]: ahhhh. i call that first generation. kinda get where you're coming from tho; they were definitely the best, even with the programming bugs :D

2013-10-06 [I'm gone.]: :D

2013-10-07 [OK_Computer]: Those first 3 Pokemon really were the best. Now there are Pokemon with names I can't even pronounce, like... idk, Pineconey?

2013-10-07 [lulu dinobot]: First 3...first gen had 4 games lol i havent played any others, i refuse to :)

2013-10-07 [OK_Computer]: I wouldn't count Green among the rest. Green is like the red-headed step-child, and that's just too much irony :P

2013-10-07 [I'm gone.]: XDDD

2013-10-08 [lulu dinobot]: Thats not really funny. Theres nothing wrong with red-haired people, look at rupert grint and ed sherran. Theyre hot as....

2013-10-08 [OK_Computer]: Yeah, hot as Charmander, I know. I didn't say there was anything wrong with red-haired people. lol yeesh...

Anybody have GTA Online?

2013-10-29 [kittykittykitty]: enjoy ;)

I love how as the pokémon generations have gone on, the seem to be inspried by anything and everything :) Check out Klefki!

2013-11-14 [I'm gone.]: ... *Eats a chicken sandwich with extra lettuce*

2013-11-21 [I'm gone.]: Yummmmmmyyyyyyy!!! =D

2013-12-10 [I'm gone.]: *plays sonic the hedgehog*

2014-07-18 [wolvie]: I might start doing some light work on this again...maybe...if cookies are involved

2014-07-24 [Stephen]: Heeeey, a key Pokemon.

That makes me happy. I like keys.

2014-08-06 [I'm gone.]: *plays animal crossing new leaf for Nintendo 3DS*

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