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This wiki focuses around increasing awareness about "Stalking", and more specifically, "Cyber-stalking".
This particular page is an accounting, an in depth commentary, providing some examples of ways a computer
expert can use their knowledge of, to be annoying, frustrating, intimidating, etc. to another user, most usually
with just the average amount of computer tech knowledge.

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Commentary: Cyberstalking-Stalking

From a Victim_Of_Cyberstalking...

Many areas in regards to Cyberstalking and Stalking I can relate to/with in some way or to one degree or another. Here are just "some" ways I have been harassed, monitored, isolated, intimidated, etc., etc., the "un-abridged list". A more brief synopsis can be read on: Cyberstalking-Stalking. I have been the subject of:

 <img:> ~ false accusations. Example: accusations of "I" am lying, "I" am making stuff up, etc., all to re-direct the
        attention he doesn't want on himself, therefore away from himself onto me to undermine my creditability,
        so people would then believe him and not I, nor even listen to what I was and have been saying, which
        ultimately gave him the ability to isolate me, proceed with his surveillance even more daringly, and not only
        victimize me even more himself, but he then was able to incorporate through the use of others to add onto
        my victimization so much more.
 <img:> ~ "reversed" accusations, also false.
 <img:> ~ threats:
         <img7*0:> ~ to permanently defile my name, my character, my creditability, my creativity, therefore my livelihood,
               my well-being, and my health, which is now compromised and suffering because of this invasion of my
         <img7*0:> ~ to have "me" thrown off the Internet; to have the authorities called on "me"!
         <img7*0:> ~ made to me by my stalker and as the targeted subject of mobbing by those he has suckered into his
 <img:> ~ VERY close monitoring (through the use of keylogging and tracking spyware).
 <img:> ~ having my PRIVATE information obtained from places that are not accessible 'to the public', then repeated
        to others and used against me OUT OF CONTEXT particularly.
 <img:> ~ unwanted surveillance since 2007 (that I am aware of) and is STILL going on!
 <img:> ~ being knocked offline, the disconnecting of me from the Internet (like I just was). Also, the fixing of my
        settings to keep me offline for a designated period of time 'of his choosing', especially if he thought I was
        not behaving in accordance to how he thought "I" should be OR talking about a subject in regards to him
        "in HIS opinion" unfavourably, "as I am currently". (One example of the "need to control another" factor.)
 <img:> ~ having MY passwords used by him to login to my online accounts, including: Facebook, Twitter, Gmail,
        Yahoo, my Sites, and more.
         <img7*0:> ~ Facebook: Logs in as I usually through Opera, except when he wants me to know he's been in my
               Facebook, then he uses the browser I am currently using, which then logs me out; deletes gifts from
               male friends particularly showing interest in me; ends friend relations and friendship requests; removed
               a status of mine, then put it back; used the information from my Facebook wall to know to make a
               request with Blair Garner for a "love" song 'for me', but impersonated himself as me while doing so; and
               there's lots more!
         <img7*0:> ~ Twitter: Logged in as I and stopped "my following" of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.
         <img7*0:> ~ Gmail and Yahoo: Logged in as I and read my email.
         <img7*0:> ~ Logs in as I (on a regular basis); messes with the "mapping" of my sites' urls to redirect people to a
               blank or unused page; to access my "private" sites; to log me out, specifically when I've just done a
               whole lot of work, I guess in hopes I'll lose it, ...and lots more aggravating instances. More recently, I
               was notified by Google my domain needed to be renewed. I was using Opera and the link from the
               email wouldn't work. I switched to Google Chrome. The email link still wouldn't work. I decided to go to
               my site and check the "automatic renew option". However, every time I checked it, it would uncheck (all
               by itself!) and I attempted to several times, but it still kept "unchecking itself". I then went to Flock.
               Again I went to my site, and tried to check the automatic renew feature to go
               into effect and again... I was greeted with same "I'd check, uncheck" dilemma. Finally, on Flock, I went
               again through my email link and finally it worked. But I spent a day and a half trying to renew my
               domain registration and when I couldn't, I began to get VERY upset, which my daughter witnessed
               also, both my frustration and this "check/unchecking" for she was getting ready to leave for her Basic
               Training. She said, "He's just sitting at his computer and as you are checking the box, he is unchecking
               it even before you can hit the submit button. He knows he's aggravating you, especially because this is
               your "pet site" of all your sites and he wants to make you think that you will lose having it. He's getting
               his kicks out of tormenting you!"
 <img:> ~ Helkern Worm attacks, well over 1000 in the past year of 2010 alone, used for the purpose of "maintaining
        contact" and "communicating" with me.
 <img:> ~ the adding on of contacts to my AOL/AIM buddy list.
 <img:> ~ the invasion of my IMs to intentionally confuse my thinking to cause or create an issue between myself and
        another; to the blocking of another contact of mine, more specifically a male exhibiting "interest" in me;
        to him impersonating another contact of mine.
 <img:> ~ my daughter being used "as a contact/connection" between him and myself, particularly on Facebook and
        also on Facebook the names of five or six other people as well.
 <img:> ~ my phone being used to harass me and/or maintain connection/contact with me and "spoofing applied" to
        conceal the identity of the caller. (Also, the "spoofing of his computer's identity" for the same purpose.)
 <img:> ~ his mission to persuade the minds of others (more victims) to perceive me as a person that's delusional, a
        troublemaker, etc., all to undermine my integrity in these people's eyes, and all to direct the attention of
        others "away" from himself and his "secret activities", so he won't have to account for his "secret activities"
        AND so he can continue onward, undetected BY others, with his unethical surveillance of me. Also, so I
        would direct my frustration onto the unsuspecting others, again "away from himself", and whom he has also
        inadvertently victimized.
 <img:> ~ "projection". He has "projected" onto me many times, the very same he is guilty of himself OR what others
        are guilty of because of the lies he has fed them. Example: He accuses ME of being "obsessed about him"!
        (But.. it is 'he' that is following 'me' around; it is 'he' that is logging into 'my' accounts; it is 'he' that pays
        very close attention to each and every thing 'I' do; it is 'he' that gets rid of any males that show or have an
        interest in 'me'; etc..)
 <img:> ~ my browsers being messed with.
         <img7*0:> ~ With Google Chrome: web-pages shown on new tab as my "most visited" are NOT my "most visited"
               at all; web-pages "particularly" pertaining to "him, I, and my daughter" and I go to often and/or know
               like the back of my hand, are bookmarked, but "I" don't bookmark places that I KNOW about or VISIT
               OFTEN. "I" only bookmark so I don't forget about a website/page or lose the link to a place I might
               want to return to on a future date; it was he that I asked/talked to about the "Google Toolbar" for
               Google's Page Ranking and so knowing that I like to use it, he disables it from time to time and also on
               my Firefox Browser as well; changes the skin/background design "I" set for my Google Chrome.
         <img7*0:> ~ With Opera: the most prominent thing with this browser, is that this is the browser he uses to be
               logged into my Facebook account. I used to login to Facebook through four different browsers, but
               when I would use Opera, I would then log him out of my Facebook and I guess he didn't like this, so he
               made it so I couldn't use Opera to login to Facebook any longer. After awhile I then was able to get in-
               to Facebook via Opera, but then if I clicked on anything inside of Facebook, Opera then crashed and
               this is the way it is working currently.
         <img7*0:> ~ With Firefox: All of a sudden one day I had a problem with Firefox. The whole top and especially my
               Google Toolbar was messed up. I also had to update Firefox. I tried to restart Firefox to make the
               update effective and to correct my Google Toolbar issue. However, no matter what I did, Firefox would
               not restart, therefore update and so I couldn't get the Google Toolbar corrected either. I suspected
               after awhile that there was a monkey wrench in the mix and from so much history of having my stuff
               messed with, I then figured it was him with the monkey wrench. I addressed him about the problem. I
               was angry of course about it. The next thing I knew, everything was back in "perfect working order"!
               Firefox restarted with NO problem and the Google Toolbar worked as though there had been nothing
               wrong with it whatsoever. I thanked him for fixing it! Whether I should have or not.. well, this is
               debatable I suppose.

...I will be adding more. These mentioned are just a very small number of examples I have been subjected to. I suggest the re-reading of the information presented on Cyberstalking-Stalking, so the correlations may be more readily seen and understood.


A multitude of thanks!

A combined effort of many: taking away the power of the perp! ~ Cyberstalking
To Wikipedia, the Staff and Editors that make this fabulous site possible, and all those that work to continually
add to the wealth of information this website provides to/for the world!

As well, many thanks to ALL the sources and ALL those that have made this information available to share.
Knowledge IS power and by affording knowledge to potential victims, then the playing field between the perps
and the potential victims can become more level, without the criminals only being allowed the upper hand.

Ways to join in, contribute to this mission, please see the main page: Cyberstalking. Thank you! - /Artsie_ladie


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