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This wiki focuses around increasing awareness about "Stalking", and more specifically, "Cyber-stalking".
This particular page will be centered around "subjectees" sharing their accountings of their stalking/
cyberstalking subjugation, with the goal being for those subjected to share with others subjected.
Hence, an audience that understands the anguish, frustration, etc., that are specific and unique of
this crime in particular. Others are welcome to participate to listen and learn, but there will be no
tolerance for any mockery, belittling, etc., for we "subjectees" have already been unjustly victimised
way more than we should have ever been.

Come join the group on Facebook: "Cyberstalking Awareness"


Cyberstalking Main Sub-wiki-pages:

<img:> ~ Cyberstalking (Main/Home)
<img:> ~ Cyberstalking-Stalking
<img:> ~ Adaptive_Personality_Defenses
<img:> ~ Behavioural_Tendencies
<img:> ~ Bullying-Mobbing
<img:> ~ Cell-phone_Users_Beware
<img:> ~ Computer_Vulnerabilities
<img:> ~ Cyberstalking_Link_Index
<img:> ~ Guidance_Versus_Forbiddance
<img:> ~ Hacker-Stalker_Toolbox
<img:> ~ Health_Issues_Of_Victims
<img:> ~ Online_Safety-n-Security
<img:> ~ Personality_Disorders
<img:> ~ Sharing-To-Empower_Victim-No-More! (here)
<img:> ~ Support-n-Survival_De-victimizing
<img:> ~ Tech-Knowledgy_IS_Power
<img:> ~ Victimization
<img:> ~ Victimizing_Methods
<img:> ~ Victim_Of_Cyberstalking


Resources => Cyberstalking_Link_Index

A complete list of resource links used throughout this wiki.


Many thanks to ALL those that have made information available to share.
Ways to join in, contribute to this mission, please see the main page: Cyberstalking. Thank you! - /Artsie_ladie</center>


As is stated at the top of this page, this particular wiki-page is for the purpose of those that have been
subjected to and for those that are being subjected to currently, stalking and/or cyberstalking, to share
your accountings of how you have been targeted by stalkers, cyberstalkers, or in many cases, both, for
both are known to be used in conjunction with each other.

Just as a few suggestions... You may want to describe not only what you have been through/are going
through as far as 'how' you were/are being targeted and the events/happenings you were/are being
subjected to, but also your feelings, emotions, etc., that you experienced/are experiencing as well, as a
direct result of the traumatizing you suffered/are suffering. If the ordeal is now behind you, you may want
to share how you achieved this as well. ..And please of course, add or omit whatever information or not
you feel comfortable with sharing, all EXCEPT names other than your own.

In regards to naming names... let's all keep the names of our perps out of the spotlight for two reasons:
~ Many perps are "attention seekers". Let's not reward them!
~ Let's keep the focus on the crime, not the criminal.


To keep submitting as simple as possible, just place your accounting on a wiki-page, give it a title,
and add the link to it here, just below, alongside your username and then place an <hr> after
your posting, like this:

[Artsieladie] - Victim_Of_Cyberstalking


May God Bless You and Have a "Safe" Day!

May the love of God always touch and live within your heart!

<i>By [Artsieladie]
All creativity on this site, including but not limited to, the art, writing, poetry, ideas and concepts, etc., created
and brought forth by [Artsieladie], aka Sharon Donnelly, is therefore owned by and copyrighted to the same, its creator. It may NOT be used, modified, copied, reproduced, or anything else without my expressed, written permission PER ITEM, including my nearly 11,000 graphics on this site.
To contact [Artsieladie], aka Sharon Donnelly:
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