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Elfpack’s Mr World Contest

Voting is now up in <poll:13696>!

Voting closes June 21st

Elfpack joins together people from across the world. So it’s only right to show off your patriotism by flexing some muscle for the admiring eyes of the Elfpack community!



1. You must be representing a country in some way! It doesn’t have to be your own country, it can be any you like.

2. More than one person can represent the same country.

3. The photo has to have been taken by you and it should be uploaded to Elfpack. Go to your house and press "Upload a folder of images" if you want to upload a big image.

4. You may only submit one image each.

5. You won’t have to do any speeches. After all, this is Elfpack, and long speeches will just get us all confused. A simple sentence with your photo will be enough, if you want to say something.

6. This is a multi-national contest, so offensive behaviour towards other countries will not be tolerated!

7. The deadline for entries is June 1st 2008

8. By submitting the photo here, you accept that it will be used to be displayed in the wide context of this contest. No removing of entries when the voting has started. 

Prizes –

An Elfpack contest badge


Contest Closed!


Submit your entries at

Elfpack’s Mr World Contest Entries


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2008-04-26 [Mr. Oogie Boogie]: yes

2008-04-26 [Lonely boy]: maybe 2morrow i have work time..-kisses you on the cheek- for now that will have to work..

2008-04-26 [Mr. Oogie Boogie]: it does a bit ^^.. btw.. who else have you kidnapped?

2008-04-26 [Lonely boy]: well..Jessica, hmm Chaz,hmm -thinks about it- You..Albert...Amy..i think thats it?..

2008-04-26 [Mr. Oogie Boogie]: thats a lot of kidnapped xD

2008-04-27 [Lonely boy]: what is that?

2008-04-27 [phoenixborn]: ...A Memorial to Wilson of course

2008-04-27 [Lonely boy]: ohh sorry..

2008-06-01 [nevan]: Good luck everyone! :D Thank you to all who have taken part!

2008-06-02 [death how i long to embrace you]: Sweet I hope i at least get one vote lol

2008-06-03 [Hedda]: [nevan] or someone will start the voting on this contest on the 10th. Vote for the girls in the meantime (in a minute!).

2008-06-22 [Mr. Oogie Boogie]: I cant wait till i get a badge xD

2008-07-01 [+ Panzer King +]: i thot this was like a Mr. Olympia. because in years gone by bodybuilding comepetitors have had to go to the World then the Olympia

2008-07-01 [Mr. Oogie Boogie]: Lovely

2008-09-05 [king drako]: i think i should be put in this contest look at my pic

2008-09-05 [Mr. Oogie Boogie]: well.. you would fit in with most the applicants who made no attempt to advertise a country in ANY way.. even through hidden meanings xD..

plus this contest ended aaages ago

2008-09-05 [king drako]: o

2008-09-06 [Mr. Oogie Boogie]: gooood response

2008-09-08 [king drako]: yea

2008-10-03 [death how i long to embrace you]: lmao

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