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2008-04-29 16:59:37
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My name is [phoenixborn]. It has lately come to my attention that, slowly but surely, we are forgetting one of the worlds true great legends and heros. And so, to prevent this catastrophe, I bring you

The Wilson Memorial



his birth as a humble Volleyball
Wilson was determined to escape his mundane destiny, to reach up,to become more than just one more Volleyball sitting alone and forgotten on a suburban rooftop. He knew he would grow up to be a saviour of the people, and helper of mankind. He boarded what he alone knew to be a doomed plane in the dead of night, cunningly disguised as a Fed-Ex Package.


After braving the horrific crash, and battling the tropical currents on landing, he found his destiny. He found a man dying, alone and cold, and unable to eat. He first inspired the man to create fire, thus saving his life.
Wilson then spent the next four years keeping him company, keeping him sane, despite the solitude, occasional abuse, and terrible haircut that were forced upon him. Eventually Wilson helped the Man escape the Island and gave him his freedom. On seeing the Man safe, Wilson at once cast off into the great ocean, seeking others to help and save. We are forever in his debt.

Wilson, we salute you

Please, show your love and respect by saying a few words in the space below.

[Vaughne]: I must admit, this is a very good wiki page. That volleyball is indeed legendary. I loved him as a kid, and still do now. :D
I love Wilson :] We all do.
What a wonderful volleyball he was... (:

[Deg]: I was so broken up when Wilson left...I mean, I was actually depressed for a little while after seeing that part in the movie. Jeez. Well, anyways...*claps for Wilson*

[deleted elfpack]: This volleyball was a legend! Loved it for years and still do! Yaaaaay for Wilson!

[The Incredible Bulk]
In English when i saw this film i cried in class, it got to me so much.
Although the bloodprint face did scare me as a little child.
it haunted my dreams. But i began to respect Wilson how he probably Saved that mans life or saved him from definate emense insanity.

[Empty~Soul] WILSON ROCKS!

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2008-04-27 [The Incredible Bulk]: Erm..
Erm.. yeeeah :D

2008-04-27 [Vaughne]: *cries*...

2008-04-28 [Bookwyrm]: <--- Home Improvement <-- Dr. Wilson W. Wilson ^_^

You know you want to. :P

2008-04-28 [The Lost Boy]: what the fuck!!?1?!!?!?1 this was MY idea.. you TOTALLY ripped off... sesssh man its a good wiki page, but hey! give me some credit here! i was the one that did the original write up of wilsons story check [mr. world contest] the proof is there on the last 200 comments.

but having said all that good wiki page. i liked the pictures,, creating a storyboard effect.

2008-04-28 [phoenixborn]: HELL no! We were both profusing the greatness of wilson, at wich point you gave a little memorial, and I decided it was about time someone did a proper memorial, a place where all could show thier respect. And so Voila. So bite me :P

2008-04-28 [Mr. Oogie Boogie]: xD ahaha.. oh and liam used question marks.. ommmmm

2008-04-28 [The Lost Boy]: Im pretty sure i bought up the whole subject of wilson, and im pretty sure i was the one that was dicussing him with jack, but i cant remember you saying anything about wilson,,

well.... i suppose its good someone could actually be bothered to make a wiki about the worlds most intelligent spearical object. so meh... whatever....

2008-04-29 [Empty~Soul]: and i thought i had problems! david you made a wiki about wilson? wow

2008-04-30 [The Lost Boy]: doesnt everyone on ELFPACK have problems?

2008-05-03 [Empty~Soul]: HAY! you cant say a damn thing

2008-05-03 [The Lost Boy]: yeah i know... thats why i just implied i had problems aswell ;]

2008-05-03 [Mr. Oogie Boogie]: "everyone" kiki dear xD

2008-05-03 [Empty~Soul]: *sticks tounge out at jack* dont call me dear

2008-05-04 [Mr. Oogie Boogie]: sorry for being nice.. would you rather i call you bitch?.. god..

i call everyone dear.. i can say with full confidence it meant no affection to you

2008-05-04 [The Incredible Bulk]: Jack..nice..
I'm joking..

2008-05-04 [Mr. Oogie Boogie]: *shrugs*... im sorry.. but ive put up with enough of her

2008-05-04 [The Incredible Bulk]: It's fine..*Huggles*..*Tilts head* what do you mean enough of her?

2008-05-04 [Mr. Oogie Boogie]: Everytime i nice.. or anything towards her.. she throws it back in my face.. like ages ago? she got a new hairstyle?.. and i complimented it.. then she made nasty comments to me later on.. for something which wasnt even directed at her.. please.. i have more stuff to worry about.. than to try tip toe around her

2008-05-04 [The Incredible Bulk]: It's fine. ^^..People can dislike who they want. It's up too them ultimately.

2008-05-05 [Empty~Soul]: sorry jack.....-looks down-

2008-06-30 [The Incredible Bulk]: It DIIIIIIED

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