13696) Which is the best of the Elfpack’s Mr World Contest Entries? (Look there for details!) (Poll is inactive)

Number of voters: 180
* a) <img175*0:stuff/l_1238e0adc276be6651869a6b78a541f0.jpg> [Logan-Enigmatus]
Number of votes: 0 (0%)
* b) <img175*0:img/image/14457_1204721580.jpg> [angel4evr]
Number of votes: 20 (11%)
* c) <img175*0:img/image/18414_1208203673.jpg> [death how i long to embrace you]
Number of votes: 27 (15%)
* d) <img175*0:stuff/Photo156.jpg> [Undercover Runner]
Number of votes: 19 (11%)
* e) <img175*0:img/image/11488_1208972439.jpg> [The Lost Boy]
Number of votes: 5 (3%)
* f) <img175*0:img/photo/25806_1206810789.jpg> [«« F A I L;; to Lovę®]
Number of votes: 13 (7%)
* g) <img175*0:stuff/m_575d72591bf59f14d278e01f646d52e1.jpg> [Osborn#67]
Number of votes: 3 (2%)
* h) <img175*0:http://elfpack.com/img/image/220_1210090635.jpg> [Combat Engineer]
Number of votes: 31 (17%)
* i) <img175*0:http://fake.swedma.com/img/image/4824_1211503604.jpg> [Mr. Oogie Boogie]
Number of votes: 62 (34%)

2008-06-11 [I be THE MAT!]: Cheater! Jack you got help no fair xD

2008-06-12 [angel4evr]: i know lol

2008-06-12 [lex!!~land]: I VOTE FOR JACK!! xD that is just a freakin awsome pic <3

2008-06-12 [bring sarah the horizon.]: [Mr. Oogie Boogie]'s picture is by far the best.

2008-06-12 [Young Nik, The Atomic Bomb]: I wonder who edited that picture of him. :]

2008-06-12 [lex!!~land]: i bet it was someone really good cuz that is awsome! xD

2008-06-12 [XxbekahxX]: ...i bet i know who it is.. -eyes Nik-

2008-06-12 [I be THE MAT!]: I vote [The Lost Boy] Mostly cuz hes part of the Kershaw crew xD

2008-06-12 [Mr. Oogie Boogie]: And you didnt want what happened in the valentines pick up line contest to happen again? XD

2008-06-12 [Vaughne]: JACKY TO WIN!!!!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D::D:D:D

2008-06-12 [Mr. Oogie Boogie]: If for whatever reason i did?... its dedicated to you dear ^^

2008-06-12 [The Incredible Bulk]: I voteded for jackyyy

2008-06-12 [Jesse Marie :)]: uhm.
jesse needs to be in one of these, well obviously not MR.world; that's be just... weird.

2008-06-12 [Vaughne]: Awh... that's sweet Jack :D <3

2008-06-13 [Young Nik, The Atomic Bomb]: __>

2008-06-16 [Noble]: OI!

no hitting on my girlfriend jackie!


2008-06-17 [Young Nik, The Atomic Bomb]: Look at Jack, kickin' ass.

2008-06-17 [Mr. Oogie Boogie]: I dont hit on your girlfriend... i have sex with her each and every night.. its a different concept..

Ask her.. she wont deny it..

xD. Love you sammy <3

Also Báthory?.. Slag?.. Bitch? xD (<3)... the win can be half dedicated to you if i win.. who knows.. they could turn this around.. you never know

2008-06-18 [Young Nik, The Atomic Bomb]: I'll kill you. :]

2008-06-18 [Mr. Oogie Boogie]: You would never and you know it

2008-06-20 [death how i long to embrace you]: Woot I have pulled ahead to 3rd place

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