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2007-06-04 21:31:52
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Danny And His Beloved Elfpack

Once upon a time, a boy named Danny was happily on Elfpack, his favourite site.
One day though, his system crashed. An error on Elfpack made his computer crash!!! Now he can't talk to his friends...
In a fury, Danny rushed around his house looking for things to help him.
An instruction manual for Elfpack! Great!
But its so vague... Damn!
So he goes rushing around once more, hoping that he can find something to re-unite him with his beloved Elfpack.
Danny picks up the phone book, and decides to call the local Website Engineer.
But he doesn't have a clue whats wrong either!
This was starting to get Danny REALLY angry... Grrrr...
He thinks "Maybe I could try and fix it myself"
Looking around the garage, he finds out his tools, and heads into the house...
...and starts to work on the PC.
But to no avail.
A seriously annoyed Danny now decides to move to plan B.
He will fly to the Netherlands, beat up [Hedda] for making his computer crash, and then repair [krill] himself!
But wait! One thing I haven't tried...
Haha!! Fonzie Danny strikes again! Elfpack is back! ^-^

/ [shinobi14]

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2007-08-22 [shinobi14]: *huff* See? Now i feel guilty!! *hugs* Im sorry... v.v

2007-08-22 [His L♥ve M♥nster]: *sniff* ...*looks at you* ... ok..

2007-08-22 [shinobi14]: *cuddles better* Its okay... Awww....

2007-08-22 [His L♥ve M♥nster]: *sad face* I'm ok...

2007-08-22 [shinobi14]: *cuddle* Stop making me feel bad!!! *cries*

2007-08-22 [His L♥ve M♥nster]: *smiles a little and kisses your cheek* You're fine... ^^

2007-08-22 [shinobi14]: <img:sh-gif.gif> ehe...

Thanks. =]

Oi! Send me your YouTube username, please!!

2007-08-22 [His L♥ve M♥nster]: Oh yeah! I almost forgot.. I'll PM it to you in a sec. ^^

2007-08-22 [shinobi14]: Thankies!! ^__^ Expect a friend request soon. =]

2008-03-01 [McKeNziE MuRdEr]: Awww cute ^^

2008-05-21 [Danny-Senpai ^^]: hahahah1 i just noticed in the first to panels your hairs longer :]

2008-05-21 [shinobi14]: Its not really, it just looks like it. =]

2008-05-22 [Beki in Wonderland]: OMAIGOD DEAD WIKI!! *revivessssssssssss* i miss having random conversations about socks and blenders and really comfy sofa's on wiki pages!!!!! *hyperventilates*

2008-05-23 [His L♥ve M♥nster]: Haha.. I just reread our last conversation here. How cute.. ^___^

2008-05-23 [shinobi14]: BEKEH!!!! I know. T___T We will have to revive one of your other wikis now. =] Yes indeedy. =D

2008-05-23 [Beki in Wonderland]: YOSH! I remember the good old days when i'd log on here and i'd have about five million wiki comments to read XD
In fact... all i ever did on here was spam up wiki pages o.o
WHAT HAPPENED?!?!?!?!!!!!111onefivearmadillo11!! <.< >.>

2008-05-24 [shinobi14]: ...

LOL... Armadillo. ^____^

I know. :O Tell you what, look on your notes page (up high) and check out all the wikis you are currently watching. =] It's surprising to see many of them are dead. >.<

Calm down, Juju Sensei. Everything will be alright. *pats*

2008-05-25 [Beki in Wonderland]: I know it's sad =[ my notes page has become more of a graveyard ffs!!! O;

ARGH! Juju Sensei X3 i remember that name, awwwwww that was back from my rping days XD *nostalgia attack* O;

2008-05-25 [shinobi14]: Haha... =] I remember when I used to be into nostalgia. ;)

2008-07-01 [itweetinHEELS]: lmao funny story

2008-07-03 [shinobi14]: Thanks Cait. ;)

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