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*Artsie's* Graphics

This wiki-page is indexed under Artsieladie-Art

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Total: 1200 images


All of my graphics are created by/copyrighted (©) to me, [Faith.Hope.Love],
aka Artsieladie/Sharon Donnelly, unless otherwise specified.
Please see also: Public-Notice_By-Artsieladie


This wiki-page, *Artsie's* Graphics, and all of its sub-pages, associated with Artsieladie, showcase my older graphics.

My older graphics are of a mediocre quality because:
 - My art/graphics have greatly improved from both having more experience.
 - I now use the PNG format, which is a better quality format than especially GIFs, but also JPGs.
 - Of having now a much better, bigger, high definition, high resolution monitor, thanks to my bestest buddy, Hans. :)

For my newer graphics, please see:


For the Floral Dividers I am using here, see:

*Artsie's* Dividers 11.


I'm not happy I have to add this block of text notice to every page, because my artwork is being stolen right and left, used
by non-members and is being offered as 'free to use' on/from other websites in their collections without my permission, since
"created by/copyrighted to" doesn't seem to be sufficient enough for some who make it a habit to steal other people's works.
So, to those who are thinking about taking, using, offering to others MY work, etc., violating my copyright, this next chunk of
text leaves you with NO excuse for violating my copyright. FYI: "I" have never placed ANY of my works in 'public domain'!!!


<img:> - Any and all graphics I post on this site are NOT for non-members to use for ANY reason without MY PERMISSION!

<img:> - Any and all art/graphics I post on this site are NOT for non-members OR members to add to and/or offer from ANY
      other collections on ANY other website, period! NO EXCEPTIONS!

<img:> - Any and all my creative endeavors I post on this site are NOT for ANYONE to use, modify, offer for use, etc. without
      MY PERMISSION with the ONE exception being: ONLY Elfpack members can use my graphics ONLY "as is" in their
      Elfpack houses and on wiki-pages!

<img:> - I can be contacted through my "Contact Me" page on any of my blogspot blogs:
     <img:> - Artsieladie-Creative-Corner Blog:
     <img:> - Artsieladie-Heartbeats Blog:
     <img:> - Artsieladie-Quotes Blog:
     <img:> - Artsieladie-Rhymetyme Blog:

<img:> - Plain text only emails. NO generic/hyper-links or url shorteners; NO attachments. Non-compliance = spam = deleted.
<img:> - For other places to find me online, look below under "Artsieladie Online" and click on "Show content".
<img:> - This information nullifies any and all excuses for violating my copyright. FOREWARNING:
     <img:> - I do NOT deal with dishonest, disrespectful, and greedy people.
     <img:> - To ALL art thieves: you WILL be reported, "BLACKLISTED" and made viral throughout Social Media.

About the usage and sharing of my Creative-Endeavors_By-Artsieladie in greater detail, please see:


Violators of my copyright listed here; updated as needed:



Artsieladie's Older Graphics' Index:

*Artsie's* Animations

Total: 01 images

*Artsie's* Bullets

Total: 321 images *5 sub-pages*

*Artsie's* Dividers

Total: 93 images *12 sub-pages*

*Artsie's* Graphics - Sets

Total: 25 images *1 sub-page*

*Artsie's* Misc

Total: 48 images

*Artsie's* Seasonal

Total: 692 images *3 sub-pages*

*Artsie's* Welcome Mats

Total: 11 images

*Artsie's* Word Dividers

Total: 22 images

*Artsie's* Words

Total: 35 images



Graphics/art created by/©-Copyrighted to Artsieladie/Sharon Donnelly. All rights reserved.

About the usage and sharing of my creative works, please read:



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Please note in reference to [Hedda] banning me from Elftown:

Show content

I have a graphics' section on which is MUCH more extensive than here (about 10,000, including the graphics
I didn't get the chance to add). I intended to upload them ALL here to Elfpack, but [Hedda] has nixed this possibility. Thank him
for denying me access to my works, both art and written works! But I have decided to move to Elfpack what I can.

After donating and dedicating MEGA time and effort over not weeks or months, but years, AND on both Elftown and Elf12 (on which
I was the site's moderator, asked to be by the first and former site moderator) AND even donating over $1000 to his sites, THIS is
the appreciation I received from dear old [Hedda] because of his own spying on me (which I objected to and do still, because he is
still spying on me, according to the GBs of data I've collected and I'm still collecting, that directly points to him invading my privacy
through my devices, AND which "he" has never offered ANY data to dispute the data I have, except try to conceal from the public
data I have displayed, particularly in regards to him tampering with my phone) AND threaten to throw me off the Internet should I
continue to show and tell what I have and know AND to appease the wishes of a jealous, former vice mayor on Elftown (who he has
since banned from Elftown as well), which I have lots of data that supports this as well!

So, after getting mega amounts of my time, my works, and accepting my money, he threw me off the site maliciously in a fit of
jealous rage because my male friend, Hans, wrote something he didn't like in a comment in my website's guestbook. But honesty
and being accountable aren't his strong suits. I doubt he would apologise and set things right if his life depended on either one. He
will cut off his nose to spite his face to protect that male, ego pride of his. Instead of stating the "truth" in the banner he placed over
my Elftown house, he concocted a malicious fabrication to smear my name all across the Internet.

The link to my graphics on Elftown:*artsie_ladie*

The link to the wiki-page with 'tampering with my phone' data:

Since "[Hedda] passworded" this wiki-page to hide it from public view, here's the screengrab of the entire page (large image):

Other wiki-pages with more data that shows I'm neither lying or making up conspiracy theories, which [Hedda] is using as a basis
to ban me from Elftown, therefore slandering my name all over the Internet and to deny me access to MY works:
- Badge-n-Heart-From-Hedda
- Handed-Me-Lemons_Hence-Making-Lemonade
- I-Stand-Accused
- Truth-Time


May God Bless You!


Have a Great Day!

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