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2009-07-06 15:08:21
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This is for all of those beautiful people throughout the ages
who have really made a difference.
For those who have inspired us, those we look up to to help us be the
best we can possibly be. 
If you have any suggestions on people who you respect for being beautiful as themselves,
please post them here!

First of all, is our ultimate idol. David Bowie. He is an incredibly talented
and absoloutely gorgeous man. He is beautiful, and we love him for it.

A close second, is Marilyn Monroe. She was stunning,
beautiful, talented. Herself. And a size 16. Who said you have to be thin?

Of course, Tyra Banks belongs here. A stunning and absoloutely lovely individual!

Jeffree Star! He is gorgeous, and is all about being himself. 
He is beautiful for who he is, and doesn't give a damn what people think!

Yes, it's Twiggy! Such an inspiration to aspiring models everywhere.
Pushing 60 and still looking fab!

Marilyn Manson. He is absoloutely beautiful, despite what anyone says.


Yes, another inspirational beauty is Dita Von Teese!
She is the ultimate sex symbol.

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2009-06-01 [Mock]: All Females and no Males, have we forgotten the very man who said angles are attitude, So cock that hat.

2009-06-01 [Cloud Natiion]: Well tecnically Jeffree Star IS male, but yes i was planning on adding in more males when i got round to adding more inspirations into this wiki :)
Are you a member?

2009-06-04 [Mock]: No im not, just a wanderer enjoying such things. I used to be on elfpack alot, not such much anymore, just wanted to get that sniff of rememberance, like such things that remind us of our infancy.

2009-06-04 [Cloud Natiion]: Ahhh nicely done :3 well yes i do need to add more "role models" to this wiki xD ive just been busy tbh aha

2009-06-04 [Mock]: If at ever you need some recomendations, I would be glad to exchange ideas on who we feel are these celestial beings.

2009-06-08 [Love like Winter.]: For me its Amy Lee. I know thats probably a bit cliché but I can't help it. Her voice is stunning, shes exotic with her pale skin and black hair (and striking blue eyes). yet she dosn't flaunt her body or degrade herself to get anywhere. Deffo one of my role models.

2009-06-08 [Love like Winter.]: Great selection so far though, I must add..

2009-06-10 [Mock]: Now were talking, David Bowie!

2009-06-10 [Zombiie Natiion]: david bowie = LOVE!!!!

2009-06-10 [Cloud Natiion]: David Bowie is amaazingg, yes ^__^ which is why I put him up there ;D

2009-06-12 [cupcake_cat]: Jeffree Star.. I adore him! ^^

2009-06-30 [perfectday]: i agree with whoever decided Dita was the "ultimate sex symbol"

2009-06-30 [Zombiie Natiion]: that would be me :D

2010-02-10 [*Suicidal Cupcake*]: Woo Marilyn Manson and Jeffree Star!
Two amazing individuals who don't care what people think! 

2010-04-21 [me-kay]: omg u should put that weird main charecture of the rocky horror picture show on there the one who wheres girls underwear he is the shit... ^_^

2010-04-24 [Love like Winter.]: Frankenfurter? lol

2010-04-27 [*Suicidal Cupcake*]: Ahaha, I agree, Frankenfurter, Magenta (sp?)
and Rocky should be on here. :P

2010-07-09 [Fuckin`Glamorous]: MARILYN MANSON!!! ~creams~

2010-07-19 [Veejay]: how do i become a member?

2011-11-11 [Stephen]: Dead images. o3o

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