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Run by [sammie h!]

These contests are now closed!

Ladies and gentlemen, it's that time of the year again! Christmas is right around the corner and before you know it, it'll be gone just as quickly as it came. The council has decided to make a contest based around the holiday, and what usually represents this season? SNOW! That's right folks; the one thing we want for Christmas is SNOW! To see it on the holidays, the buildings looking spectacular around it, snow angels, snowmen (and women too) but most of all the best part SNOWBALL FIGHTS! But this is not what this contest is about; it's you in a photo with snow around you, you in a Santa outfit, neatly decorated Christmas cookies, ECT. There are many many things you could do with this contest, the numbers are unlimited!



1. No bashing others.
2. Be polite.
3. No nudity or gory entries.
4. Try not 'Santa's little helper' ladies. No undergarments permitted, it's the season of love and friendship, not a strip club.
5. You must prove the picture is your own work.
That means either YOU must be in the photo, or you must have your username, 'EP' or 'Elfpack' somewhere in there.



It's not a contest without prizes now is it? There's going to be a first place, second place, and third place winner in each section!
<img:stuff/aj/28425/book_turquoise_blob.png> First place winner in each section will receive the first place badge, and 9 Togs.
<img:stuff/aj/28425/book_turquoise_blob.png> Second place winner in each section gets the second place badge, and 6 Togs.
<img:stuff/aj/28425/book_turquoise_blob.png> Third place winner in each section will gain a third place badge, and 3 Togs.
<img:stuff/aj/28425/book_turquoise_blob.png> All participants will get 1.5 Tog! To qualify, your entry must follow the rules and show a little effort.

Remember: Winning badges stack! If you already have a badge from a previous contest, you can get another one again. ;)
See [Zombiie Natiion] for an example of multiple same badges.


and the winners are.....

Holiday cookies Pictures

1. [Saffron]
2. [Deg]
3. [Cerulean Sins] & [**Yummy**Mummy**]

He knows if you've been nice...

2. [sammie h!]

Let it Snow Pictures

2. [Saffron]
3. [Stephen]


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