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1) [Stephen]
Taken from my porch.

2) [Deg]
Taken on the day of our big snowfall!

3) [Viv45]

4) [Stephen]
Yeah, two entries reduces my chances of winning, but ooohhh well. I like this one a lot, too.

5) [Morgoth]
It actually snowed for once in Alabama. Taken on campus at UAB just before a massive snowball fight with high powered slingshots. Took three deaths until the police broke it up. RIP Jimmy.

6) [sammie h!]

7) [kittykittykitty]
Untouched snow on the playground... why yes, I do want to play there! :D

8) [Yudan333]
This image was taken near top of Ski Cooper in Colorado. It's about an hour from where Xgames were held :3 Snowboarding my way down had to get a pic! TADA!

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2013-01-19 [kittykittykitty]: Finally had snow in England! :D Will see how the pictures turned out soon...

2013-01-28 [Stephen]: Kitty. o:

Soon has to be within three days. ):

2013-02-03 [Stephen]: Poor Jimmy.

He was so young, probably.

2013-02-03 [Deg]: He'll be missed, I guess.

2013-02-03 [sammie h!]: Can this be of my son in his elf costume x

2013-02-03 [Stephen]: If he's in the snow, I guess.
The focus is supposed to be on snow/nature, though. :P

2013-02-03 [sammie h!]: Oh ok and you meen snow lol, damn, he wasn't, I just thought it would be good as an Elf does have a connection with Christmas. (:

2013-02-04 [Stephen]: Noope, that's why it's called Snow Photos.

2013-02-04 [sammie h!]: Ok. :D

2013-02-07 [kittykittykitty]: Hurray for extended!

2013-02-10 [Yudan333]: Yippee Had to add a photo! I live in mtns so I was like 'Dude we got snow almost all year gotta SHARE!!!'

2013-02-10 [kittykittykitty]: Wow, that's one very blue sky! Very picturesque.

2013-02-11 [Yudan333]: why thank ya kitty ^_^

2013-02-11 [sammie h!]: It's gorgeous. :)

2013-02-11 [Yudan333]: what can i say scenic pics are my thing

2013-02-12 [Stephen]: :D

2013-02-17 [Stephen]: Yundan -- I uploaded your picture to Elfpack for you, that way if the photobucket link breaks it won't turn into an ugly icon.

2013-02-18 [Yudan333]: Okay thank ya! it was on todo list but I wasn't gonna break it. I put it there on purpose ^^ woo

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