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[HaLlOwEeN rUlEz]

Alright everyone, listen up! I know this is maybe new thing to do. But these RULES should be any problems:
1. The Halloween story should be your own words and not get it from the Internet or any other source.
2. You may add a photo about the story, but it must be made you you, or someone who agrees to submit it together with you.
3. The story should be about 2 pages, but but you can make it shorter or longer if you want to.
4. Be nice and friendly towards each other!
Deadline: 7th of November 2007 (might change)

Contest boss: [CHACHA]

Just start of a story>> From [CHACHA]


Witches day & witches nite. Wounder on to your site hoke poke the witches shout.Come on to the ground do the [Zombie dance] with us & we'll sing a song with ya'll!!! [Don't be afraid] we won't hurt ya, only little soul here and there. Just trust us all & join the fun on 2 witches broom on 2 HALLOWEEN NITE!!!!!!
Witches Brooms Witches Nites that could come in to your site. Wonder around into your room calling for your name and shouting out "COME MY LITTLE ONE AND I'LL SHALL GIVE YOU WHATEVER YOU WANT OR WHATEVER YOU NEED"! 4 Witches talking to each other and wispering in to a little girl or little boys ears and then starts to sing a song that would have them come rite out of their beds. The children would walk like a ZOMBIES and never waken up. Until its daylight the Witches would wipe aper out of no where. Til then the children woke up and found out thy wront in their beds? And till then thy would hear the Witches sanging from inside their heads and wispering inside them all!

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[Hedda] Example Halloween story

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[Morningstar Rising] : My Brothers Bed

841) Which is the best Halloween story? (Administrator: [Hedda])

Number of voters: 4
* a) A Slowly Turning Mirage
Number of votes: 0 (0%)

* b) My Brothers Bed
Number of votes: 1 (25%) Voters: [Faith.Hope.Love]

* c) Both are equally good.
Number of votes: 3 (75%) Voters: [Shatureel], [CHACHA], [kittykittykitty]

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2007-10-20 [Hedda]: OK, I translated it into English (<img:BR-GIF.gif>) and made a few things a little more clear. Any more additions before we start?

2007-10-20 [Hedda]: There is still nothing about how the winner will be selected. I think we should make a wiki-poll about it on this page as a Mainstuff-poll isn't a good thing for such a complicated issue as reading through stories.

Oh, and there should be something about how long a story should be, so that people know what's expected. What about writing something like "2 pages"? People can submit any kind of length, but we should have a suggested length.

2007-10-20 [CHACHA]: that would be fine with me. i think that is a great idea and thank you so much helping me on this. im realy not good at this stuff. i thought it would realy be cool,. plus i know people on here would like it plus enjoy it 2.

2007-10-22 [YOU CANT DO THIS TO ME IM AN AMERICAN!]: hey jits in. i got just the thing. well its a start of a story id love to put it up if i can but ill need help kinda a techno-tard

2007-10-22 [CHACHA]: that wouldn't be any problm sis. i'll help ya or [Hedda] would help ya 2

2007-10-24 [Sex Kitty]: what about sexualy explicit material? Just wondering cause last year there was one and I can't remember if it was on fake or not lol.

2007-10-24 [CHACHA]: um okay

2007-10-24 [CHACHA]: lol

2007-10-24 [YOU CANT DO THIS TO ME IM AN AMERICAN!]: ill send you the story to prof read

2007-10-24 [CHACHA]: alrite

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