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A Slowly Turning Mirage


She wakes into the room wondering what has happened she has no recollection of who she is but she does know that she's not some were that would be considered as a normal woman's chamber.

"Hello there" a voice says.

She spins around to see were the voice came form.

"Well aren't you at least going to be cordial enough to say hello back?' The voice asks.

"No no im not going to!" she responds.

"Well why on earth not"

"I don't answer to strange voice in place that I have no recollection of having herd or seen before. I Demand to know who you are and were I am... … and for that matter I would like to know who the hell fire trarnishing damn I am! If you don't mind" She walks over to the bed and sits down*

The stranger walks out into the open, "ma'm you are no more than a common than the next girl out there. "

   The stranger was tall handsome and coy, he had rich dark brown hair, that was trimmed short but had some length like it had been a while since its last cut. He was slender but not the gangly slender. He was a sleek strong powerful type of slender much like a wolf. Although his attire also added an elegant and subtle sexual air to him. He was quite literally irresistible to any feminine creature. His eyes were an even darker shade of brown than his hair almost black with flecks of green that lit up when the light would hit him just right.

Yes he was truly radiant in everyway, even in now as he stood before her, as casual and cool looking as could be. He regarded her with a look of pure pleasure. It was a look that was blood thirsty yet passionate, it was almost as if he was seducing her and telling her he loved her at the same time. He craved her and it oozed from every poor of who he was and what he could possibly embody. She wanted him, but did not dare let on.


"Sir I demand to know were I am if you cannot answer me this question I will be forced to my own actions."

He looks at her with a little more intensity. His soft smileling lips fall into a serious line with the promise of sweetness like hunny suckle if they were to be kissed. He tilts his head to the side giving him a curious dimmer then says.

"Milady you have no name and you are in a safe place that is all you must know. Other than that it never the less surprises me how you still resist me. It's quite attractive really."

She stares on at the last in disbelieving wonder. Then in an extremely high pitched voice she exclaims,

"How dare you make such an accusation about me. All men are fools I know this for a fact as you sit here boasting bout attractive this and curious that"

. He crosses the distance between them and gently cups her face in on of his large and soft hands saying

"All in good time you will see all in good time"

She shutters at her self for not wanting to resist him more. He breathes in her face slowly leaning in for a kiss. She swiftly finds the power to draw herself away.

"Not until I know who I am I will not allow such foolishness from an outcast of a gentile stranger."

He laughs again but never loses his pose.

"As I have told you, you have no name you are no one and nothing to anyone except me. And as far as me being gentile well you'll find in time that there is nothing genital about me." His look turns wolf like a he moves around towards the shadows, then resumes its serine playful cheer.

"And what purpose might I be serving you for then?" she asks.

He coolly reply's "that is only for you to tell me for I only know that your flawless in your beauty and strange in your temper. Only a woman of your power can resist me and only a woman of your intelligence of the raw power can do what I need of you, but I will leave you now to ponder on what that means you will be sent for in good time. Until then I have a meeting with a man of whom you might take interest in. but that's for later until you agree to be in my aid and trust me you will stay in this room."

She continues to stand were she is as posed as possible with questioning eyes.

"You will be waiting a long time then my lord."

He lets his smile fade into something more dangerous and somewhat alluring.

"As I suspected you'd say that."

"Shall you have a ladies maid then?"

She turns her back to him.

"No. I shall have a horse and a riding court. And some less fanciful clothing if it's all the same to you."

She turns to stare dryly at him. But finds herself smiling at what she hopes would be the answer.

"Only one horse you shall have a stable if you like. And I will see to the servants about more suitable clothing. Or rather clothing that's more to your liking.

He steps closer to her once again this time tracing up the side of simple yet elegant green frock, the golden trim that fallows it up on the skirts outer layer. She starts to pull away, he grabs her wrists and forces a kiss on her she slowly gives letting him have her lips but as quickly as it all began it ends in a more passionate way when his sweet lips leave hers.

"Although My' Lady, I must say I will be awfully ashamed to see you in lesser clothing daily than that of which is made for such a beautiful body"

He nods at her. She stands there trying to stay composed as she draw her fingers that some how wondered to her lips to see that they hadn't turned to honey during the kiss. She lets her stony face fall back into place.

"And what if I never agree to your pleas?"

"I have one thing I know you shalt not resist to save."

Part two of a slowly turning mirage

He was not to unlike his brother only less resistible to women in the since that he had lacked the over all attitude and ability much less craving to be prince like. His hair was more up kept and was so black it was almost blue. He was tall and looked elegant on the long legged horses he loved so much. He was also slender and had an attractive face. His hair fell down in front of lovely green and amber gold eyes. Making him seem somewhat rougher than he really was. The blackened shade made the gold and greens of his eyes stand out and look soft and supple. His lips were soft looking but in all reality some what unforgiving if kissed. He truly was beautiful also in his own right.

Vash was not seen in court often, and prefer to keep it that way the women still wanted to dance with him because of his skill at dancing one thing he did better than his brother. But he didn't care for the gossip and lies and over all dishonesty of being a prince. He was in his 20th summer and at the age he should be preparing to do what he was bread to do. But he gave up his right of crown. He was no longer to inherit the throne as his mother would have had him do. Instead his fathers pet (his older brother) could have it.

Often he was found upon a Bay Stud one of his favorite friends. His brother never understood horses he was much more into dogs. But he had a cruel way with any animals. Vash unlike his brother Lute, was kind to all creatures. But as of late he had lost his temper at his brother for what he had done. He had taken a pessant girl as a pet of sorts hostage in his estates. Vlad had herd she was of Exceptional skills with horses but she was female, how she could understand then was beyond Vlad. What angered him was she was hardly 17 summers. He had requested lute stop this even went to his father about it. Nothing happened. Vlad decide he had watched her tower for long enough. Today he would meet with lute and try and resolve the matter of the poor girl's life.

The hall was small but just enough so there was a large table in the center with hundreds off books piled onto the top of it. Vlad chose his corner carefully and waited. Lute walked in and stopped beside him.

"Hello Vlad would you join me?" he continues to walk on. Pads down like most wolfs do when irritated but perplexed.

Vlad fallows more casually with the grace of a horse with an honorable intent to be honest.

"Brother you know why I have come so why do you still play this game? Let the girl go or at least let her see the world"

The wolf Lute sits on his hunches. Because I rather fancy some horses, there meat is sweeter than another's. And imagine what she would look like come time to fool. They say the highest stepping fillies make the best mares do they not?" the wolf sneers.

Vlad paws at the ground slightly. "This is foolish, your not of the horse and you have no right to force her by law if you did your title would be striped. And you would be neutered, not that that's a bad thing." Flares his nostrils', and blows in amusement.

The wolf raises himself up and growls softly. "She's not for producing heirs like a mare, no she's not a brude mare Vlad she's more. She's the empire this girl is the reason you and I are able to be so different the women love me I need no concubine. Least not of the flesh. It's her magic I desire and you know it. But on that same note since you seem so eager to save her. She's made a request of me brother. She would like a horse and a riding court. It's the perfect opportunity for you to keep your eye on her. So what do you say brother. Why don't we let her ride you?" lute pleased with himself jumps into a chair and sits so he is eye level with the grey Stud otherwise known as his brother Vlad. Vlad Flattened his ears and beard his teeth then backed off and left his ears flat in contemplation letting them flicker back and forth like so.

"I'll do it. ..:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Ill let this human see me in my Form." Both ears forward now he takes his bow becoming human as he leans up again. Lute dips his wolf head then walks off the chair to become human again himself.

"Well then it's settled enough for now. You will be needed in 2 hours time in the eastern riding court ill have a saddle that fits you well enough as well as a soft bridal fetched for you." Vlad smiled at the last.

"So you think just because you will be seeing me saddled and bridled ill be in your control, such is not true. Ill make myself a mysterious enough animal. And expect to be dinning with you and herself tonight as well."

"Vary well Vlad as you ask it shall be done. I'm simply humoring you because it hummers me. I shall be interested to see if you take a likening to her immediately." He smiles at vlad coolly.

"Brother lute what a fool you are" he smiles to himself "you know I'm not a man of many women or even of any. I have no use for such frivolous and argumentative creatures. There temper is often poor and talk is more of gossip then of worthy topic. I only take interest in this girl because I was raised a gentleman unlike your unruly self." Vlad nods in his brother direction. "I will now be taking me leave from you" he says as he turns on his heal and disappears around the corner of the door.

Chapter Three of A Slowly Turning Mirage

Ester was a simple girl Vlad Decided, she looked more like a servant the way she was dressed she supposed that was lutes doing now to make her look less out of the ordinary. But the second he saw her he was glad he was in horse form. She was beautiful no doubt. The closer she drew the more he desired her touch but he acted more like a shy colt that the stud he portrayed. She was quite though her poster made her seem irritated. She had her fists at her side and her in a ponytail long and straight but toward the end it showed that it was not what it seemed for it betrayed the rest by being defiantly curly like her bangs that were casually pushed behind her perfect ears. She was petit and everything about her looked fragile. He legs were slender looking underneath the light green and black trimmed stable boy clothing she wore. Which only made her soft but deadly black brown eyes seem more fierce? When she got closer she was muttering something to herself about his brother. He couldn't resist so he snorted with laughter.

Ester was mad she deiced. She wasn't going to have any part of this mans plans. He had given her granted what she asked but there was something odd. She hated him for it.

"That man! The Nerve … Gah!" suddenly a horse snorted not to short form were she was. She stopped and looked into the stable beside her. Inside was a grey stud with eyes she was sure were the most wonderful horse eyes shed ever seen. They were black almost with flecks of gold and a brilliant shade of green. She smiled softly at the horse he was built beautifully. He was muscular and his grey color was dappled. She noted his stable had no name on it so she looks at him again then opened the stable door.

"Well hello there sweets" Ester bowed to the horse then from her pocket she produced a sugar cube. To her astonishment the horse bowed back and then took the sweet. She laughed and hugged the creature she couldn't help herself, she felt as if it had been ages since she was last near such spell binding creatures that had her heart and soul.

Vlad reached his head over to the woman that looked more like a young girl. She didn't even look 17 she was breath taking to look at though. He nudged her gently as she hugged him then sighed. After all he was a horse he could get away with showing her horse affection if not human. After a while she led him out into the riding court no saddle or bridle not even a halter. This he found curious. He decided he would test her a bit. He kneeled down before her and let her mount.

She was perplexed by this horse he didn't look tried at all he had no sores on his mouth and no sod in his feet. She deiced to see what all he would do, but when he knelt beside her asking for a ride she was totally lost. How could the empire not know a horse like this was out there? When she touched his back he immediately rose. And started into a beautiful patter and complex paces without her cue. If she cued him other wise he would respond but kept the pattern as it became progressively more difficult. It was intricate left lead right lead. In toward the center then crossing over leads to get to the outer rim of the arenas limits. She let his do it only to see patters, patters of communication. This horse was intelligent. When he suddenly stopped she almost lost her seat.

He was sweating and breath hard but not horridly bad she was tired but expected more forcing herself to relax when he suddenly lunged forward and then upward. It was an explosion of horse. She was almost lost in this pattern because there was hardly a pattern to it. Simply was joy that was all. Main was flowing like water and his tail wiped about suddenly. He was almost prancing he stopped short again and spun on his hind right, pivoting and snorted when all fours came down he stopped arced necked and pranced around.

After 3 hours of being with the animal she was tired. She brushed him out and filled his manger with sweet fresh hay as well as grain with sweet sweet molasses. Then left him with a hug and her thanks. He was amassed at how tired she looked as if she could drop from the physical exertion, but she never faltered to bush him till he gleamed. He ate out of the stall till he was sure she was gone. Then he fell back in the stall in human shape and grunted. He laid his head back and imagined her. And smiled because last thing he remembered was blowing in her hair and nibbling on her ear just as she was taking her leave. She smelled sweet of the hay he had just been pretending to consume. Tonight would be wonderful seeing her in finery fitting of a woman.

Chapter four of a slowly turning mirage.

When Ester returned to the quarters given her she was displeased to see that there was a gown lied out for her and orders for a hot bath to be kept warm. And an invitation to dinner. She supposed it was the man of whose name she still didn't know. Attractive as he was and charming at that, he was no match for her. She had decided that while riding the grey stud earlier. She had fallen in love with that animal and his moves. She deiced that she would go to the dinner let him think he was charming her. And it would probly surprise him. Least she hoped it would. She took the bath with blissful silence and added some scented salts to the water. Her muscles aced so the warmth of the water was soothing.

When she deiced to get out of the bath there was an assortment of perfumes to choose from. She passed them all by needless to say she preferred her own mucky horse smell, with the faintness of lavender from the bath. She chose to wear a dress but kept it also as simple and common as possible. After all the man had made a point of telling her she was common why not dress as what she was. The dress was still beautiful it was a bark forest green color and was floor length, there was only one layer to this dress so it hung flat making her vary thing and added nothing to her bust. But still flattering to her figure. Every curve of her body was visible. The Dress had shoulder length sleeves. She promptly took to hate the way they ruffled and ripped them off. She looked around until she found a scarf worth her time. I was also a green color matching somewhat closely to her own but it had a sliver trim and dancing white horses embroidered all around it. She deiced it would be something she would keep. Out for lots of uses in the future.

When ester walked into the room adorning herself in the simple green dress and the shall of horses tied at her waist, it was all but what he could do to keep himself from gaping at her beauty. Vlad needless to say was floored by how she cleaned up. Lute on the other hand was amused to the point of laughter and made no effort to keep it from being seen.

"Why my lady" said lute, "I had a respectable dress laid out for you. Why aren't you in it?" at this Vlad smiled at him. He was dealing with a fire he couldn't put out. </P>

Ester looked at him with a look of pure loathing companion which most like his brother would have been a fool to take for lust or in rarer cases still love.

"I do recall you telling me sir that I was no more common than the next girl, so why should I dress as if I am any better than the "next girl" besides it was to gaudy I told you already I prefer simplicity. You really quite honestly lucky I came at all." She walked over to Vlad and stopped short looking at him for a long time. Then a smile that made him want to melt crossed her lips

"Kind sir I take it you're going to introduce me to this young man." Her tone was more of an order than a request. Vlad cut Lute off at the pass let him see he liked her yes but loved her not.

"Milady I am Vash." he bowed low taking her hand in his and kissing it while still below her then returned it to her with the formal kiss on the forehead. She in return blushed. It was satisfying to vash to see that and he winked at her slightly slipping her a note. She was fast to respond and silently hid it up in the folds of her scarf just as lute walked up to take her to the dinner he had arranged for them.


The meal was simple enough they started off with some wild fowl and a bowl of soup. No one talked the whole time until it was almost time for desert. Lute smiled to himself the whole time. Vlad seemed to keep to himself as if he were a hungry militia man at war. Occasionally stealing a glance at Ester and glaring at Lute. Ester seemed lost at the dinner table. She wisent used to the idea of using a spoon or the spices on the food. She ate her Fowl with her hands which only seemed to encourage laughter from as she learned his name to be Lute. She felt nothing for the man. But he seemed to think she would other wise learn to feel for him. Vash on the other hand intrigued her he looked a lot like lute but his demeanor was much more soft and caring. But he himself seemed trapped.

By the time they were about to eat there flavored ice something that Ester couldn't understand but didn't ask about. She was enthralled with asking Vash as many questions about himself as she could. Most of which seemed to bore rather than amuse Lute.

"Do you ride then Vash?'

"I've been known to mount a horse or two in my day."

"Well you should come to the court that was so gratuitously offered me by Lute." She glares at him as he nods his heads in his overly beautiful features that Vash had come to so dearly hate.

"Well maybe it should be hard for me to leave my duties. After all I am a prince of the empire I only have so much free time" he smiled at Ester thinking he might have just impressed her but to his disappointment he had done just the opposite and upset her. She was fighting tears back in that lovely face. She looked down and bit her lip.

"I see no time for a ... "she paused looked at lute with an angered and inexplicably hurt look and continued on in her voice that when from hurt to angered voice "no better than a common girl!" She was beyond herself at this point her patience had run out. Vlad had to admit she withheld herself well from the handsome and daring attempts to be won over by his brother.

She stud up and moved so swift like the wild creature she truly was. Her unbound hair fell before her in a swirl fending for itself like it naturally would in its defiant curls. Just making her all the more beautiful. Lute was already on her grabbing her by the wrists. But what he forgot to account for in her temper was that he had forgotten that Vash was there was well.

The last thing she wanted to do was to cause a family fight but she was out of her element everything was tolerable until dinner came that's when she knew something was horridly wrong shed never seen a spoon and she swore that lute kept turning somewhat wolf like. She ran first chance she got to her rooms. And laid herself out her riding clothing from earlier that day. There was still hair on it but it was not grey in color like it should have been instead it was black. This puzzled her but not long enough for her to strip and think about the letter Vash had slipped her earlier. She slid it into her teeth and quickly threw on the other pair of servants clothing. Then stuffed the letter in a drawer for reading later.

Vash was furious at lute for touching her in her attempt to out run the discomfort that was obviously scaring her she truly was common but not in beauty. She was poor by law not by right. This upset Vash even more to think she felt constricted in this palace. He lashed out beating his brother till he could no longer stand doing that, then despite what he would have normally dune he went to his quarters and slept away the rest of the night seeing how this one had been a disaster. He just before falling asleep decied tomarrow he would se her again. Even if it was the last thing he did. He couldent help himself he was completely spell bound by her and once more she had no idea, if all went well she would never find out. Something told him otherwise.

Chapter five of a slowly turning mirage

Ester woke the fallowing morning in the stall of a tall bay stud. He was kind enough to have not trampled her. But she was sure there was a spell of calm on him so he would to no such thing. When she opend her eyes she was not alown standing outside the stall murmering sweetnothings in the animals ears was Vash. The light around him seemed to glow a bit/ he was really striking as he stood there. His eyes were liter and happier here. He made no move to act as if he noticed her but he had to because he smiled and while still looking at the horse said nothing to her verbally but his magic gentliy tuched her awareness as if in good morning. Ester stood there and then as swiftly but with a graceful silence that would have made a cat envious. He looked directly at her, she looked back and smiled blushing slightly.

"Good morning kind one. How long have you been watching me?"

Vash looks back at the horse. "Almost all night, I come to the barns to rest myself and my mind. And I found you on a bail figured you'd be happier with a warm body by you so I moved you to kibras stable." He oferd a sweet cube to the horse, who took it with ears forward.

"Kibra?... OH MY MY MANNERS!" in an animated fashon she quickly turned to the horse and bowed to him offering him her hand to sniff and he in return bowed to her. Then nibbled at her fingers in serch of a sweet. She smiled.

All of this made vash smile even more so that kibra approved. The horse had chosen him to be his life long friend when he could have gone to the wilds and had himself a nice sized herd. "I've never in my life seen Kibra take to another human in my life. Normaly he would have killed you but he insistend so hard that you lay in his stall last night that I was afraid he would kill me."

Ester looked at Vlad with that heart melting smile of hers. "what can I say im bound heart and soul t thease animals they are what makes me live. Without them I would wilt like a flower and die." She moved from playing with Kibra's ears over to the stall door to let herself out it seemed but she fooled him she looked deep into his eyes and unexpectedly found his arms wraped around her. They were beutifuly embraced. She kissed him delicately not giving him to much at once. It was enough to make him want more which she more than promised with each lingering thing he knew she was on the otherside of the stal gait and walking away down the hall. He puched away the urge to chase her and forced his feet to the grounds.

When Ester looked back to see if Vlad was still there he looked like a confused colt trying to evaluate the weight of a new saddle on his back. But the second time she looked back he was simply gone. The only thing she noted pdd about that wasent foot steps but hove beats galloping hove beats. She assured herlsef she was hearing things. She tuched her lips were his warm kiss still lingered. Wondering why on earth he had kissed her like that, and then wondering at herself why she had kissed back.

"well I can hardly blame myself. Hes handsome enough I suppoise and hes royalty. But why would he care about me. Why such emotions? Hes different. Nothing like his brother. That Lute is mallitious. But Vlad is the opposite of his brother hes fragil, but stronger in the will. I wonder that he was not born a horse or issent a horse mage"

She dismissed the idea that he was a horse and continued walking to her rooms.

Once again when she returended to her rooms she found that a dress was laid out for her and a request that she join lute for lunch was on the bedside table. Hover that was unnesssicary considering that lute was standing in the shadows of her curtains.

"Mi'lady," he bowed "I trust you've been enjoying the stables? Are the horses to your likeing?" she suddenly remembered the grey and without saying a word drfted out the door like a she had seen a phantom, she stormed down the hall ways twards the horse barns she had ment to be with the grey last night but haddent quite made it she had the letter in hand but never read it was in her belt. The letter was still there. When she got to the stall the grey was there sleeping. He was a handsome horse.

" his ears perked forward as she approced, she gentliy kissed the animals mussle and let her fingers trace the soft fuzz around his mouth. He lipped at her fingers, then lifted his head a little higher to lip at her ear she smiled and turned up her face to blow gently in his nose. He lightly nickered. She laughed, then opend up the gait latch.

Once the grey was out of the stable she grabed a handful of main and swong up on his back and laid on his back face down soaking up his warmth and taking in his warm clean horse smell. Her hands were woven in with the rough mane that was almost delightfully silky with clenalyness. His warm light filled her. When a familiar touch of magic pressed a kiss against her head. It was amasing as she traced the mornings patterns she had prepeared mentally. He fallowed them without a misstep. At the end of there warm ups he insisted on dancing a little he leaped a few times with lighthearted joy, he never took it so far that she might risk ingury or hurting herself but he also made it clear he felt freash and wanted to run flat out.

"Ok boy, we can ill grant it to you."

She let her magic open the door way to a large pasture that was endless to the eye but she fekt the restraint of magic on her.

"Go were you will" shw wisperd with a tear in her eye " but I cannot fallow." The colt backed away from the door and reached his head around to her leg gently tugging on her breaches. She climed down and the horse turned and nussled her. Then he puched her biskly into the sand and like a flash he was gone.

The only thing Ester remembered after the stud pushed her pver was sand. She woke in the arms of Vlad though she had no idea why. " thank gods your awake!" his voice seemed lighter. He kissed her lightly on the head then with one finger traced the line of her face. He was vary delicate as his fingers passed ver her lips she kissed them and curled closer into his lap starting to cry again. He was blissfully warm and she felt he was actually protective over her. He had no right she suddenly flaird with anger but stored it away it would come in handy in the future. For now she lt his be she felt his finger on her chin as he lifeted it to look him in the face. Reluctantly at first she looked at thoughs eyes they melted her heart. They kissed again. When the kiss was over. He held her closely to him, then in a soft tone he made her a promise. " you are free as anything I have ever chosen I swere if it kills me you will be set free of this magic that binds us both. If I had ever known I could fall in love so suddenly with something so wild I would have called myself a damned fool, then I looked into your eyes." She looked at him and pushed away gently to look at him better. "we cant be you know that as well as I do, what do you want from a poor girl like me anyways" he pulled her to him again and just held her. " your more than the well bread does of court your wild and free I want love of freedom not of blood right and forced choices. I want you." They stayed like that for she only knew how long days maby she dident know and dident care.


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