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The Elfpack Graphic Bosses are the people in charge of the official graphics across Elfpack. They create and manage the official page banners, official divider in addition to being the creators of the templates for both the badges and trophies. Furthermore, they create the web graphics that decorate pages and they also are the people in charge of Badge Submissions.

(Badge Credits)

The Obsessed [Orestez]
Mystique [Amalaswinta]


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2011-09-02 [Orestez]: I'm working on a badge, but I need my lappy. Photoshop no workie on my android....

2011-09-02 [Stephen]: xD

You've been on your phone all day?

2011-09-02 [Orestez]: 90% of the time I'm on my android to check EP. Only way I can can keep up with my busy work schedule. Been at work since 6am PST and I'm just now on my way home. Horay for 14 hour work day....

2011-09-02 [Stephen]: Jesus. o_o'

I'm amazed you do as well as you do on EP. This site isn't mobile friendly.

2011-09-02 [Orestez]: Slide out keypad and big screen ;)

2011-09-02 [Stephen]: How big is the screen? o3o

2011-09-02 [Orestez]: Little bit bigger than an iPhone4

2011-09-02 [Stephen]: Hm, impressive. That's a good screen size.

2011-09-02 [Orestez]: The best part is... I'm flipping between 3 sites, answering emails and text messages, and writing out job order tickets. And still manage to answer you guys on EP.

Get some...

2011-09-02 [Stephen]: Wow. o_o
That is impressive. I'm glad to have you around, too. :D

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