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2005-07-29 [Shatureel]: What does a god of elfpack crew do.

2005-07-29 [skullhead]: lots of cool things (dont have a clue)

2005-07-29 [Shatureel]: so how do you know its cool?

2005-07-29 [skullhead]: Because am one of the crew

2005-07-29 [skullhead]: The cool part for me is to invent new things to help the wiki

2005-07-29 [Shatureel]: ok, i'll by that> *smiles* so can anybody be a crew member.

2005-07-29 [skullhead]: that is not a one mane decision I have to consult the rest of the crew

2005-07-29 [Shatureel]: thats cool.

2005-07-29 [Ultra Hunger]: it has to only be people I trust. and right now skull head is the only one I trust

2005-07-29 [Shatureel]: so how do i get you to trust me?

2005-07-29 [Ultra Hunger]: I don't know yet

2005-07-29 [Shatureel]: Well I'm willing to help, you let me know when you do know,

2005-07-29 [skullhead]: for 1 what is your name

2005-07-29 [Shatureel]: Shay

2005-07-29 [skullhead]: age?

2005-07-29 [Shatureel]: 26

2005-07-29 [skullhead]: SSN (haha joking)

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