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The Trophies

<img100*0:stuff/aj/6723/fooddecorsilver.png> 2nd <img100*0:stuff/aj/6723/fooddecorbronze2.png> 3rd


What this competition is about:

This Competition is about designing your own food then taking a photograph and then adding it onto here, it cannot be stuff like beans and toast, it needs to be decorative

Contest Rules
1) Don't steal someone else's pictures Using copyrighted pictures is a violation of the rules and you will be reported
2) You may only submit two pictures!
3) We accept members working as a pair
4) Have fun


Submission Guidelines
1) All pictures must be of decorated food
3) The winning submission will have their picture placed on Mainstuff.

How long does this competition last:

2 months








there will be a poll for all the submissions.

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2012-02-11 [Stephen]: You seem to have abandoned this. :P

2012-02-11 [sammie h!]: Well I asked for help a while a go, but didn't get it. :)

2012-02-11 [Stephen]: I'm pretty sure I PM'd you, but I'll say things here.

There's too many dividers, and they're not official. Rule number 1 doesn't make sense, and we wouldn't ban for that. We'd just disqualify them. All entries get put into a poll, not just whatever ones I think are best. Images should be uploaded to Elfpack, There's no submission rule number 2, their name wouldn't be forever famous if it's on Mainstuff.. You can also accept entries on the main contest page. Generally entry pages are used when we expect a lot (lol, yeah right.. :(  ) of entries, or when the entries are expecting to be large.

Refer to the Nerd Contest, which is an upcoming contest, and try to make the page look like that. Don't forget to use the official template, either. :3

2012-02-11 [Amalaswinta]: +1

sammie: do you know how to use templates on a wiki?

2012-02-12 [sammie h!]: I think so, you meen Template:Official

2012-02-12 [sammie h!]: is that any better, tell me what else needs doing. :)

2012-02-18 [Stephen]: Buttons and bullet should be the same color.

Submission 2 still doesn't exist.

Entries should be on this page, not a different one.

2012-02-18 [sammie h!]: Do you mean bullets and dividers??

2012-02-18 [Stephen]: Yeah, bullets and dividers, sorry.

2012-02-18 [Amalaswinta]: morphine?

2012-02-18 [Stephen]: Probably.

Detoxing from it now, not very pleasant. <img:modd37-gif.gif>

2012-02-18 [Amalaswinta]: :p

2012-02-19 [sammie h!]: There we go, is that better, can someone make the banner and the badges for me? xx

2012-02-19 [sammie h!]: I have transferred everything to Food Decor Competition

2012-02-19 [Stephen]: We don't make custom badges for contests normally.
We sometimes at the whim of solely [Amalaswinta], have custom trophies. It's up to her.

Your banner is fine. As long as "Elfpack Official" is stamped somewhere, it can be a neon pink glowing banner for all I care. (I'd rather not have the eyesore though..)

2012-02-19 [Amalaswinta]: hehehe... at the whim of [Amalaswinta].... *grins*

I was thinking the kind of trays you use at a high tea, in bronze, silver and gold.
sound ok?

2012-02-19 [Amalaswinta]: k, tray was boring, how's this:

2012-02-20 [kittykittykitty]: Those are cute :P The bronze looks a little too orange, though!

2012-02-20 [Amalaswinta]: <img100*0:stuff/aj/6723/fooddecorbronze2.png>

2012-02-20 [Amalaswinta]: minor detail: these aren't badges, they're trophies ;)

2012-02-20 [sammie h!]: Done. :)

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