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Moderated by [sammie h!] and [Stephen]</center>


Rewards! (Trophies)

<img100*0:stuff/aj/6723/fooddecorsilver.png> 2nd <img100*0:stuff/aj/6723/fooddecorbronze2.png> 3rd



Decorating food, of course! Ideally, it's about some type of food of your choice that you decorate in a fun/unique/creative way, and then take a photograph of the food and place it on this page.


Contest Rules
1) All entries must have the letters "EP" or your Elfpack Username somewhere on them -- this is to prevent people stealing random images from Google and other like sites.
2) Only food and photographs, please.
3) You may submit a maximum of two (2) entries.
4) You may work with another member to co-submit a picture, and both of you will gain full credit for the entry.
5) All decisions from the contest moderators are final.
6) Most importantly, have fun! (Otherwise, [kittykittykitty] will eat you. Dead.)


Submission Guidelines
1) All images must be uploaded directly to Elfpack. You can upload an image at <URL:artupload.html>.
2) If you are unsure how to get your imagine on this page, please ask for assistance in the comment box.


Place Submissions Below This Line:

Name: [Stephen]

Name: [Cerulean Sins] - Chocolate cupcakes with chocolate butter cream icing. The covered in different coloured writing icing with wafer flowers.

<img300*0:stuff/aj/54214/1338989474.jpg> <img300*0:stuff/aj/54214/1338989514.jpg>
Name:['Hana.] - white chocolate chip cake with real cream middle-and rainbow sprinkles! ;D





Contest Dates

Voting now closed, the winners are as follows
1st [Cerulean Sins] Number of votes: 3

2nd ['Hana.] Number of votes: 2

3rd [Stephen] Number of votes: 1

At the end of the entry period, all submissions will be placed into a poll, then winners will be selected.


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2012-05-05 [sammie h!]: Lol, I hope it will be soon. :)

2012-05-11 [Cerulean Sins]: I'm making birthday cupcakes for myself tomorrow and I don't really want to have EP or my Username on it since it's going on FB. So would it be okay if I take a photo with myself and the cupcakes together? I know it's not in the rules but I just thought I would ask :)

p.s. [sammie h!] At the co-op Victoria Bakes cupcake mix is 2 for £3! How cheap is that, you save £1.10 XD

2012-05-11 [sammie h!]: Michelle I understand and that is fine, your trusted anyway hun so yes it is fine. :)

2012-05-12 [Cerulean Sins]: Cheers hun :)

2012-05-13 [sammie h!]: Very nice. :)

2012-06-05 ['Hana.]: can you edit your pics onto the page yourself?

2012-06-06 [sammie h!]: Yes. :)

2012-06-06 ['Hana.]: okies! i was so friccin' excited when i saw this comp. i hardly ever do anything on this site, but this one i had too :3 <3

2012-06-06 [sammie h!]: looks very tasty x

2012-06-06 [Deg]: My gosh, those cupcakes and that cake...that cake! I'd eat that so fast you wouldn't believe.

On a side note, I don't know if I'm going to participate or not, but I have a question. Does it have to be cakes/desserts only? Or can it just be, like, cool looking main dishes?

2012-06-06 ['Hana.]: that cake was done out of boredom ;D should see the cucakes i make for peoples events. i wish i had an event soon ;( the only one is my babies christening, and that isn't until after the closing date ;(

2012-06-07 [sammie h!]:
[Deg]: It can be anything food related, as long as it looks presentable and tasty, also that it has your user name on it, it should be fine. :)

['Hana.]: when is your baby's christening date? :)

2012-06-07 [Deg]: Cool! I'll try to get something in asap.

2012-06-07 [sammie h!]: Ok then. x

2012-06-07 ['Hana.]: sunday :3 I'm very excited. 

2012-06-08 [sammie h!]: I'll see what I can do x

2012-06-14 ['Hana.]: these where some of the 60 christening cupcakes i made :3

2012-06-15 [Deg]: Aww, nice! They are beautiful! :)

2012-07-10 [Stephen]: Okay, I have no idea why the poll isn't working.

I'll message Hedda.

2012-10-24 [sammie h!]: Thanks for the poll [Stephen] x

2012-10-27 [Stephen]: <img:> <img:>

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