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"The Flower Of L♥ve"

The Flower Of L♥ve is a rose of red.
It's significance stands, indelible tread.
To a lady, its power, will passion ignite,
The candle of love will thus burn bright.

Given the signal, the color of green,
She'll unveil her feelings, allow them seen.
All that touches her heart, relating to him,
Will burst into bloom over the brim.

The Flower Of L♥ve is a rose of red.
Its clarity unique, never misread.
An exquisite expression of touch, velour,
Exclusively given with intentions so pure.

Art/Poem by [Faith.Hope.Love]/Artsieladie/Sharon Donnelly
Poem: ©2008-03-02
Art: ©2012-07-07
All rights reserved.

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Poet note: When a man gives a lady a red rose, the lady knows what it means because a single, red rose means
Love. This is understood universally. ♥

“There is no shame in the giving of love. There can only be shame in the receiving should the receiver choose to use
and abuse the love given.”

~ Quotes-By-Artsieladie



Graphics/art created by/copyrighted to Artsieladie/Sharon Donnelly © All rights reserved.
About the usage and sharing of my creative works and to contact me, please read:



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"Of all the Gifts, Love is the best!
Give Love freely, without request!"

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