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Eurovision Song Contest History

This is where they hold the contest and which the winners were: (And some comments)

Testing the TV-network...

1956  Lugano, Switzerland 
Winner : Switzerland : "Refain" performed by Lys Assia 
   Music : Géo Voumard, Lyrics : Emile Gardaz

1957 Frankfurt, Germany
Winner : Netherlands : "Net Als Toen" performed by Corry Brokken
   Music : Guus Jansen, Lyrics : Willy van Hemert

1958 Hilversum, Netherlands
Winner : France : "Dors, Mon Amour" performed by André Claveau
   Music : Hubert Giraud, Lyrics : Pierre Delanoe

1959 Cannes, France
Winner : Netherlands : "Een Beetje" performed by Teddy Scholten
   Music : Dick Schallies, Lyrics : Willy van Hemert

1960 - The British era

1960 London, United Kingdom
Winner : France : "Tom Pillibi" performed by Jacqueline Boyer
   Music : André Popp, Lyrics : Pierre Cour

1961 Cannes, France
Winner : Luxembourg : "Nous Les Amoureux" performed by Jean-Claude Pascal
   Music : Jacques Datin, Lyrics : Maurice Vidalin

1962 Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Winner : France : "Un Premier Amour" performed by Isabelle Aubret
   Music : Claude Henri Vice, Lyrics : Roland Valade

1963 London, United Kingdom
Winner : Denmark : "Dansevise" performed by Grethe and Jorgen Ingmann
   Music : Otto Francker, Lyrics : Sejr Volmer-Sörensen

1964 Copenhagen, Denmark
Winner : Italy : "Non Ho L'eta" performed by Gigliola Cinquetti 
   Music : Nicola (Nisa) Salerno, Lyrics : Mario Panzeri

1965 Naples, Italy
Winner : Luxembourg : "Poupée De Cire, Poupée De Son" performed by France Gall
   Music and Lyrics : Serge Gainsbourg

1966 Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Winner : Austria : "Merci Chérie" performed by Udo Jürgens
   Music : Udo Jürgens, Lyrics : Udo Jürgens and Thomas Hörbiger

1967 Vienna, Austria
Winner : United Kingdom : "Puppet On A String" performed by Sandie Shaw
   Music and Lyrics : Phil Coulter and Bill Martin

1968 London, United Kingdom
Winner : Spain : "La La La" performed by Massiel
   Music and Lyrics : Ramon Arcusa and Manuel de la Calva

Start of the You must be kidding me era

1969 Madrid, Spain
Winner : France : "Un Jour Un Enfant" performed by Frida Boccara
   Music : Emile Stern, Lyrics : Eddy Marnay
Winner : Netherlands : "De Troubadour" performed by Lenny Kuhr
   Music : David Hartsema, Lyrics : Lenny Kuhr
Winner : Spain : "Vivo Cantando" performed by Salome
   Music : Maria José de Cerato, Lyrics : Aniano Alcalde
Winner : United Kingdom : "Boom Bang A Bang" performed by Lulu
   Music : Alan Moorhouse, Lyrics : Peter Warne

1970 Amsterdam, Netherlands
Winner : Ireland : "All Kinds Of Everything" performed by Dana
   Music and Lyrics : Derry Lindsay and Jackie Smith

1971 Dublin, Ireland
Winner : Monaco : "Un Banc, Un Arbre, Une Rue" performed by Severine
   Music : Jean-Pierre Bourtayre, Lyrics : Yves Dessca

1972 Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Winner : Luxembourg : "Apres Toi" performed by Vicky Leandros
   Music : Mario Panas and Klaus Munro, Lyrics : Klaus Munro and Yves Dessca

1973 Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Winner : Luxembourg : "Tu Te Reconnaîtras" performed by Anne-Marie David
   Music : Claude Morgan, Lyrics : Vline Buggy

Abba - Nothing will be the same again (thank god!)

1974 Brighton, United Kingdom
Winner : Sweden : "Waterloo" performed by ABBA
   Music : Benny Andersson and, Björn Ulvaeus, Lyrics : Stikkan Anderson

1975 Stockholm, Sweden
Winner : Netherlands : "Ding-A-Dong" performed by Teach-In
   Music : Dick Bakker, Lyrics : Will Luikinga and Eddy Ouwens

1976 The Hague, Netherlands
Winner : United Kingdom : "Save Your Kisses For Me" performed by Brotherhood Of Man
   Music and Lyrics : Tony Hiller, Lee Sheridan and Martin Lee

1977 London, United Kingdom
Winner : France : "L'oiseau Et L'enfant" performed by Marie Myriam
   Music and Lyrics : Jean-Paul Cara

1978 Paris, France
Winner : Israel : "A-Ba-Ni-Bi" performed by Izhar Cohen and The Alphabeta
   Music : Nurit Hirsh, Lyrics : Ehud Manor (Better quality)

1979 Jerusalem, Israel
Winner : Israel : "Hallelujah" performed by Milk And Honey
   Music : Kobi Oshrat, Lyrics : Shimrit Orr

1980 The Hague, Netherlands
Winner : Ireland : "What's Another Year" performed by Johnny Logan
   Music and Lyrics : Shay Healy

The Ireland Era... Yet another ballad

1981 Dublin, Ireland
Winner : United Kingdom : "Making Your Mind Up" performed by Bucks Fizz
   Music and Lyrics : Andy Hill and John Danter

1982 Harrogate, United Kingdom
Winner : Germany : "Ein Bisschen Frieden" performed by Nicole
   Music : Ralph Siegel, Lyrics : Bernd Meinunger

1983 Munich, Germany
Winner : Luxembourg : "Si La Vie Est Cadeau" performed by Corinne Hermès 
   Music : Jean-Pierre Millers, Lyrics : Alain Garcia

1984 Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Winner : Sweden : "Diggi-Loo Diggi-Ley" performed by Herreys
   Music : Torgny Söderberg, Lyrics : Britt Lindeborg

1985 Gothenburg, Sweden
Winner : Norway : "La Det Swinge" performed by Bobbysocks
   Music and Lyrics : Rolf Lövland

1986 Bergen, Oslo
Winner : Belgium : "J'aime La Vie" performed by Sandra Kim
   Music : Jean-Pierre Furnémon and Angelo Crisc, Lyrics : Rosario Marino Atria

1987 Brussels, Belgium
Winner : Ireland : "Hold Me Now" performed by Johnny Logan
   Music and Lyrics : Sean Sherrard

1988 Dublin, Ireland
Winner : Switzerland : "Ne Partez Pas Sans Moi" performed by Celine Dion
   Music : Atilla Sereftug, Lyrics : Nella Martinetti

1989 Lausanne, Switzerland
Winner : Yugoslavia : "Rock Me" performed by Riva
   Music : Rajko Dujmic, Lyrics : Stevo Cvikic

1990 Zagreb, Yugoslavia
Winner : Italy : "Insieme 1992" performed by Toto Cotugno
   Music and Lyrics : Toto Cotugno

1991 Rome, Italy
Winner : Sweden : "Fångad Av En Stormvind" performed by Carola
   Music and Lyrics : Stephan Berg

1992 Malmo, Sweden
Winner : Ireland : "Why Me?" performed by Linda Martin
   Music and Lyrics : Johnny Logan

1993 Millstreet, Ireland
Winner : Ireland : "In Your Eyes" performed by Niamh Kavanagh
   Music and Lyrics : Jimmy Walsh

1994 Dublin, Ireland
Winner : Ireland : "Rock'N'Roll Kids" performed by Paul Harrington and Charlie McGettigan
  Music and Lyrics : Brendan Graham

1995 Dublin, Ireland
Winner : Norway : "Nocturne" performed by Secret Garden
   Music : Rolf Lövland, Lyrics : Petter Skavlan

1996 Oslo, Norway
Winner : Ireland : "The Voice" performed by Eimear Quinn
  Music and Lyrics : Brendan Graham

1997 Dublin, Ireland
Winner : United Kingdom : "Love Shine A Light" performed by Katrina and The Waves
  Music and Lyrics : Kimberley Rew

1998 Birmingham, United Kingdom
Winner : Israel : "Diva" performed by Dana International
   Music : Tsvika Pik, Lyrics : Yoav Ginai

1999 Jerusalem, Israel
Winner : Sweden : "Take Me To Your Heaven" performed by Charlotte Nilsson
  Music and Lyrics : Lars Didrikson and Gert Lengstrand

2000 Stockholm, Sweden
Winner : Denmark : "Fly On The Wings Of Love" performed by Olsen Brothers
  Music and Lyrics : Jorgen Olsen

Go east, life is not so peaceful there!

But at least not as boring as the west, so Pet Shop Boys got it right:

2001 Copenhagen, Denmark
Winner : Estonia : "Everybody" performed by Tanel Padar, Dave Benton and 2XL 
   Music : Ivar Must, Lyrics : Maian-Anna Karmas

2002 Tallinn, Estonia
Winner : Latvia : "I Wanna" performed by Marie N 
  Music and Lyrics : Marija Naumova

And now let the powerful ladies rule
2003 Riga, Latvia
Winner : Turkey : "Every Way That I Can" performed by Sertab Erener 
   Music : Demir Demirkan and Sertab Erener, Lyrics : Demir Demirkan
Russia with Tutu came in second with

2004 Istanbul, Turkey
Winner : Ukraine : "Wild Dances" performed by Ruslana
   Music and Lyrics : Ruslana Lyžycko and Oleksandr Ksenofontov

2005 Kyiv, Ukraine
Winner : Greece : "My Number One" performed by Helena Pararizou
   Music : Christos Dantis, Lyrics : Natalia Germanou and Christos Dantis

Hard Rock Hallelujah! Abba and ballads are finally and thrown out!

2006 Athens, Greece
Winner : Finland : "Hard Rock Hallelujah" performed by Lordi 
   Music and Lyrics : Mr.Lordi
And no one will forget Lithuania LT United We are the winners:

2007  Helsinki, Finland
    Winner: Serbia, ESC Serbia.
    Much more on Eurovision Song Contest 2007

A history medley: (The end is really funny, at least if you're Swedish or Finnish)

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