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2006-10-09 16:17:32
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Bikinihunks in sunglasses competition


Voting in <poll:11603>!

So you think that Bikinibabes in sunglasses competition and Barebreasthunks in sunglasses competition are really crappy competitions and you just want to goof around or just can't compete in them? This is the competition for you:


Just submit an image following these rules:

§1 It should be an image of you dressed in bikini or something like that is just something really crazy and sunglasses infront of a computer-screen that shows Elfpack. Crossdressing, goof-dressing and plain strange things are all wanted. No porn and the screen-content should at least be somewhat visable.

§2 The winner will get a badge and 3 donor-priviledges (see <URL:donate.html>) to hand out to self and friends.

§3 By submitting an image to this competition, you approve that Elfpack can use that image for marketing Elfpack. If Elfpack decides to use your image, you'll get 1 donor-priviledge even if your image didn't win. 

§4 The best images will be selected by the Elfpack crew and a Mainstuff poll will be used to advice the crew of which image that should win.

§5 You may only submit one image. If you have more images, then you're free to show them on Elfpack, of course, but not submit them here.

§6 The image should be uploaded to Elfpack. I suggest that you upload it by going to your house and press "Upload a folder of images" on top, because there you can upload an image without getting it resized.

§7 Deadline was 18th of September 2006.

Voting was at <poll:11208>

#1 is [Game_Over]


#2 is [i have left elfpack. see you.]


#3 is [skullhead]


The other (well, there were only three...) entries here: bikinihunks in sunglasses submissions


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2006-09-04 [kittykittykitty]: Maybe this calls for a fake beard or something :P

2006-09-07 [Hedda]: You just have to come up with a good excuse. That's half of the fun. ;)

2006-09-09 [..oops..]: Huh? Hedda, you are really confusing me!!!!

2006-09-09 [kittykittykitty]: Good excuses for how a female can be a 'hunk' to enter this competition :P

2006-09-09 [..oops..]: Oh, okay!!!!
We have to deal with menstration, we carry children, we are in a male dominated world, this is the second contest for guys but there was only one for girls, I'm sure more girls want to enter a contest where they get to take a picture of themselves, the guys would appreciate it, girl slike to take pictures of themselves TOO, and becasue guys just can't resist girls..... plus, you still have the other contest running, if I am correct and now there's a second! Why not let girls enter this one or make another one for girls?
::pats self on back::((I am extremely tired (it's almost 1am!!!!) and I actually just thoughts of all of that. XD I'm proud of myself. LMAO))

2006-09-09 [kittykittykitty]: Really, anyone can enter this one. Just stick with the theme :P

2006-09-10 [..oops..]: YAY!!!!
Will do!!!! Thanks, kittykittykitty!!!!

2006-09-10 [kittykittykitty]: ^__^ I'm interested to see how you will do it :P *waits for more submissions* I think we need another way for people to find this page :O

2006-09-18 [HimeYuki]: hw do we enter?

2006-09-18 [Game_Over]: dude you just put on a bikini and sunglasses and get a picture of you by your screen with elfpack on it and put the picture on the submissions page.....its easy really...but you have to be a guy

2006-09-22 [Hedda]: No, you have to be "hunkish". There is no rule against any gender.

2006-09-22 [Hedda]: There is no rule about where the bikini should be or anything like that... Come on! Misuse the rules a little! Pose in front of a poster in a bikini, or just dress up your dog in bikini and put sunglasses on the Elfpack-screen...

2006-10-02 [Hedda]: Ouch, there was a deadline zwooshing past! Damn...

2006-10-02 [Hedda]: OK, there! Poll is up!

Now we'll see if Elfpack gets XXX-rated...

2006-10-07 [Master Of Duct Tape]: oh dear..  my friend is a psycho. 

2006-10-08 [..oops..]: Im so mad that I didn't get a chance to put up my picture!!!!!!  ::pouts:: oh oh oh oh oh oh oh!!!!!!!::jumps up and down with hand raised in air::  Can we have this competition again?!?!?!?!!?  X?

2006-10-08 [Andy8178]: *imagines [kittykittykitty] in a bikini in the 'bikinibabes' competition* mmmmm =P

2006-10-08 [kittykittykitty]: o___________0;;

But I don't own a bikini so you aren't allowed to imagine me in one :P Oh wait... no don't think about that >.< Stop thinking :0

2006-10-08 [..oops..]: This might be where all the messages are coming from, kitty.... X?

2006-10-16 [kittykittykitty]: D:

Yay for the bikinihunks XD *dances*

2006-10-25 [zoloftzantac]: what!?! I missed it!?!

No one told me that kitty was wearing a bikini in here :(

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