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--> This page will be continually updated with new info as it's learned of. <--

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Just some basic and general tips on this page for creating digitally and as I think of more tips, I, Artsieladie, will be adding them.

Please see: Digital-Art-Programs for listing both free and for purchase digital programs and where to download them, which is
usually best directly from the product's "home site".

Other tutorial/how-to links on the web related to the digital medium: Digi-torials-By-Artsieladie#External Tutorial Links.

More useful digital info, including "free to use" (public domain) image links: Digital-Resources.


Related wiki-pages:

Top Index Page: Useful-Wikis-By-Artsieladie
Digital Programs (main): Digital-Art-Programs.
Digital Resources (main): Digital-Resources.
Digi-torials by yours truly (main): Digi-torials-By-Artsieladie.
General Tips: Working-Digitally_General-Tips. (here)


Digital Tips:

To begin here...



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