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"The Hand That Rocks The Cradle Rules The World"



Originally, I created this digital piece for a contest on . However, during this past year of 2013, I decided to redo it, as I am with many of my art and
graphics, now that I have a monitor that I can actually "see" what I'm doing on. SO many thanks to my buddy, Hans, who gave it to me for Christmas, 2011. *hugs*

Since my daughter was born when Steve Warner and Glen Campbell's hit song was hot on the charts, "A Hall Of Fame For Mamas", and also known as "The Hand That
Rocks The Cradle... Rules The World", I correlate this song with the day she brought a special ray of sunshine into my world.

In this redo, I added the hearts. One focusing on the mother rocking the cradle and the other, my daughter's photo when she was just four days old. So tiny she was
at eight pounds, two and a quarter ounces, and twenty one inches long! ..And she's grown into an independent, fine, young lady, serving in the U.S. Army. Mom is SO
proud, as I portray in the piece I created in her honour, "Hooah-EvahJane_By Artsieladie".



Permission in regards to my work and sharing it, is more extensively explained at Public-Notice_By-Artsieladie.

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