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[Yes you can have more than one character ^^ but they MUST be predatory animals like big cats,wolves, bears, birds of prey etc.]

Ep name-
Character name-
Sexual like-
Human form picture-
Animal form picture-

Ep name- [Away forever, bye]
Character name- Annabelle Williams
Age- 25
Gender- Female
Sexual like- Bi-sexual
Race- Were-tiger
Job- Hairdresser
Personality- Nosey, sweetheart, a little bossy but very protective of her Pride.
History- Annabelle had lived in Edwardsville her whole life and loves living there. She went to collage to study hairdressing and buisness then after collage she came back home to Edwardsville and opened up her own hair salon called 'Annie's hair designs'.
Human form picture-
Animal form picture-

Ep name- [Away forever, bye] and [Tis gone but never gone]
Character name- Jackson Edwards
Age- 45
Gender- Male
Sexual like- Straight
Race- Werewolf
Job- Mayor of Edwardsville and Alpha wolf of the Edwards pack
Personality- Kind, patience, hard working, loyal, protective but has a temper.
History- Jackson has lived in Edwardsville his whole life, he became a minster at the local church then he slowly became the mayor of Edwardsville and the Alpha wolf of the Edwards pack. Jackson is married to Millie and they have three sons and two daughters together.
Human form picture-
Animal form picture-

Ep name- [Tis gone but never gone]
Character name- Michelle Jones Edwards
Age- 27
Gender- Female
Sexual like- Bi-Sexual
Race- Were-panther
Job- English teacher
Personality- Sweethearted gal but with a temper of a pantheress
History- Michelle's father Ray left her mother when she was pregant with Michelle. So Michelle never knew her father but she has heard stories about him though, they say he was a nasty man to Casey (Michelle's mother) and he would fuck anything that moved, this was when her parents where together. When Ray heard that Casey was getting married to Mike Edwards, he came back with his own Pride to grab Casey and Michelle and take them away. But the whole town fought back against Ray's Pride and they have never came back.
And many years later Michelle went to uni and did her teacher training and got a job and at the local high school as a english teacher. She also head of the drama department.
Human form picture- Michelle dyed her hair light brown because she dosen't like her black hair.
Animal form picture-

Ep name- [Tis gone but never gone]
Character name- Gareth Smith
Age- 28
Gender- Male
Sexual like- Straight
Race- Were-Bear
Job- Owner of a pub/hotel
Personality- Nosey, happy, loyal but dosen't talk much
History- Gareth comes from a huge family of were-bears and they all live by the river just by the edge of town.Garth is best friends with Michelle and Annabelle. He owns the Flying Salmon Inn, which was also the local pub where everyone comes to gossip about the day.
Human form picture-
Animal form picture-

Ep name- [Tis gone but never gone]
Character name- Millie Edwards
Age- 43
Gender- Female
Sexual like- Straight
Race- Werewolf
Job- House wife
Personality- Sweet, kind lady with a big heart.
History- She is married to Jackson and they have three sons and two daughters. Mille is a full time house wife and looks after all her children lovingly.
Human form picture-
Animal form picture-

Ep name- [Tis gone but never gone]
Character name- Rubin and Logan Edwards
Age- Both are 18
Gender- Both are Males
Sexual like- Both are straight
Race- Werewolves
Job- High school students
Personality- Rugin is the nice one and Logan is the bad one
History- They are the twins and the children os Mille and Jackson Edwards. They have two sisters and another brother called Maximus. Rubin wants to go to college to study english because he wants to be a english teacher or an writer. Logan wants to go to college to study buisness because he wants to own is own club or pub.
Human form picture- Logan is the one with light blond hair that looks silver while Rubin has blond hair.
Animal form picture- Rubin and Logan in wolf wolf form.

Ep name- [shadows of life]
Character name- Shade
Age- 21
Gender- male
Sexual like- girls
Race- cat
Job- none
History- Doesn't talk about it
Human form picture- <img:>
Animal form picture- <img:>

Ep name- [WASHACKED]
Character name- Maximus Edwards
Age- 9
Gender- male
Sexual like- female
Race- werewolf
Job- He helps his dad sometimes at work.
Personality- He's ussally quite but he does get in troble alot cause he's really curius.
History- He grew up with his father and mother as well as his sisters and brother's. He the youngest of all the children and seems to some how always get in troble.
Human form picture- coming
Animal form picture- coming

Ep name-[Sigyn, The Faithful Wife]
Character name-Bell (no last name)
Sexual like-Straight
Job-She works in a clothing boutique.
Personality-She's happy and bubbly. She has a temper though.
History-Her parents raised her mostly in the woods, but she left when she was fourteen. She learned how to write, read, ext. Then graduated from highschool online. She's going to fashion school right now.
Human form picture-<img:>
Animal form picture-<img:>

Ep name-[Sigyn, The Faithful Wife]
Character name-Delia Knight
Sexual like-Straight
Job-High school student
Personality-She's shy and quiet, a sweetheart. She doesn't let people walk all over her though.
History-Her parents died when she was young and she went to live with her grandparents on her mother's side. She doesn't mind living with them, but they don't really want her there. They used to think she would be a wildchild like her mother and ruin their social standing, but she hasn't done so yet. She learned to play piano at a very young age, and still loves it to this day.
Human form picture-<img:>*Has green eyes though*
Animal form picture-<img:>

Ep name-[Sigyn, The Faithful Wife]
Character name-Drake Montigue
Sexual like-Straight
Job-He works from home, he owns a few different businesses.
Personality-He's quiet and moody. He's a bit of a jerk, but on some ocassions he can be nice.
History-He had a harsh upbringing and his father was always a homicidel ass. He took off when he was seventeen and started working for a man who became like his father. After he got his business degree, the man who had tuaght him everything became his father-in-law. Drake was happy and always kind, poliet and charming. Two years ago though his real father found out that he had a mate. He came and killed Drakes wife and first(and only child). His father-in-law died two weeks later. Drake killed his biological father, but he still hasn't stopped being angery at the man.
Human form picture-<img:>
Animal form picture-<img:>

Ep name- [hinata hyuuga (kimiko)]
Character name- (my fav...) nala kimino
Age- 20
Gender- female
Sexual like- straight
Race- were-kitty
Job- works as a veterinarian
Personality- quiet and sweet but can open up eventually
History- she graduated from school and college with her masters vet degree and has been living on her own all her life since her parents died a few weeks after she was born.
Human form picture-<img:stuff/aj/44054/1268810515.jpg>
Animal form picture-<img:stuff/aj/44054/1268810628.jpg>

Character name-Finny
Sexual like-Bi
Job- Fashion Company
Personality-He is very quiet and minds himself. He dont like fights or drama, but there are times when he have to fight back. He loves to read good books and work with computers.
History-His parents abandoned him on the steps of a family that owned their own clothing line. He took to his new family very fast. And since the family had no child of their own the foster father has put him into the family's business. He wasnt a very well out spoken kid and other kids treated him very harshly. He has a lot of bent up hurt from his past.
Character name-Desire and Dimitri
Age-Both are 21
Gender-female and male
Sexual like-Desire(guys)Dimitri(Bi)
Job-Desire works at the coffee shop, Dimitri works at club
Personality-Desire is a little bit more quiet and reserved then her brother who is very loud and doesnt care what people think of him. She likes to keep to her self and read. He likes having drinks everynow and now and chatting with anyone.
History-[READ THIS HA] They are sister and brother. They are twins but the sister had her hair dyed a brownish tan. Their parents were always busy with work so the brother basically raise his sister. They didnt really mind, they had a mean nanny who wouldnt let them do much but they snuck around her back to play with their friends from school. Dimitri would always be there to protect his sister. They are very close to each other. When dimitri was 14 the parents sent Desire away to a foster family without telling him. He went mad and almost hurt his mother and father but instead he went to find his sister. He found her with a abusive family. He took her from that family a fled to the twon they live at now.

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