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In the Welsh countryside there is a small town called Edwardsville. Which is home to shifters of all kinds, bears, polar bears, tigers, lions, leopards,pumas, foxes, hawks, eagles, falcon etc. There are no dragons or unicons or anything like that cause they aren't real, duh.
But you would think there would be a war between all the shifters well your worng they are all under the rule of the wolves...well the Edwards pack. They have had control of the town for a 100 years but ofcourse they have had there fair share of problems, like rogue wolves or members of the packs, pride etc trying to take over the town but that got nipped in the bud by the mayor and Alpha wolf of Edwardsville.

Some of the rules of living in Edwardsville are:

1. No full-humans are aloud to live in Edwardsville.
2. No tellin full-humans that shifters are real.
3. No fallin in love with a full-human.

Rules of this RPG!

1. No god modeling, please!
2. No killing each other characters unless you have consent from the other person.
3. The shifters in this RPG life a NORMAL human life span! They do NOT life for over 500 years, okay? Oh and they do NOT have extra powers like fire, earth, mind control, shadows etc.
4. Put ALL characters in here People of Edwardsville
5. Put ALL sex scenes in here Town sex
6. Please ask myself, [Away forever, bye] or Michelle, [Tis gone but never gone] if you can join. But if you get an invite off myself or [Tis gone but never gone] then you can just join.

Edwardsville RP<----That is where you RP ^^

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