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2011-05-10 21:47:19
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2011-04-01 [BC boy]: ir welcome just had to say it o and beautiful :)

2011-04-01 [Jesse Marie :)]: awh how sweeeet :))

2011-04-01 [BC boy]: lol i try to be :)

2011-04-02 [*Free_Spirit*]: hell your an outrageously orgeous girl!! definatly great with the camera =]

2011-04-02 [Baby face and a bad attitude]: You're so pretty.

2011-04-03 [bring sarah the horizon.]: your very veryyyy pretty (:

2011-04-03 [Jesse Marie :)]: awh thank you everybody :) too sweet.

2011-04-03 [Jesse Marie :)]: oh! [Baby face and a bad attitude]? i think i just fell madly inlove with your tattoos. end of story.

2011-04-10 [Baby face and a bad attitude]: I think I just fell madly in love with your face. haha, what a creep. But true story.

2011-04-10 [k.L.w]: Wow...very nice pics. Ur very beautiful! :)

2011-04-13 [Jesse Marie :)]: hahahah you are the first person thats ever said that to me ;p love ittttt.

and thank you [k.L.w] :)

2011-04-14 [k.L.w]: You are most welcome

2011-04-18 [Elf_Person]: you down right drop dead gorgeous your the kinda girl that us country people like to take home to mama

2011-04-24 [Jesse Marie :)]: Hahah omg... Why's this?

2011-04-24 [Elf_Person]: well your as gorgeous as moon light on the lake

2011-04-24 [Jesse Marie :)]: Hahah that's awesome :)

2011-04-24 [Elf_Person]: thank ya your the gorgeous one im just statin the fact

2011-04-30 [Christine the Vixen]: mmmm this young vixen likes what she sees

2011-05-03 [Jesse Marie :)]: ;)

2011-07-24 [AJ_Biggums]: Damn jesse. I never realized you had such a sexy body ;-)

2012-02-12 [InLoveDontBothe r]: gorgeous....ur a goddess among mortals <3

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