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Be the best of who you can be,
Awesome then you shall be!
Be the best of who you are,
You will shine then like a star!
Fill your heart with Love,
For hate, there'll be no space!
Brightly shine your Light,
Like a beacon every place!

Awesomeness needs no announcing,
For words don't make it so,
Awesomeness shines from within,
From Love and Light that glow!

Poem by Artsieladie, aka Sharon Donnelly
©2014-03-25 18:22:00 (EST) All rights reserved.

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Poet note: A person who is awesome does not need to broadcast it. Their awesomeness will show on its own accord.
A person who is awesome is also humble and modest and so, would not be inclined to state it. In fact most awesome
people don't even think, thus know, they are. When people feel the need to tell the world how awesome they are, it is
themselves they are trying to convince. It's their ego speaking. A person who is awesome is not driven by ego. ♥

Expertly explained by Trevor McLeod:
"If someone has to inform the world just how great and wonderful they are or how special they are, then they are none
of this. Those who are really great or good or special have no need to speak it, clarify it. Their actions show it and as we
all know, actions speak louder than words ever could. Besides a great or good or a special person will not see them-
selves as such since they are humble. They do not do what they do for attention or pride for they have no ego to please
or vanity to polish. Instead you will find them standing behind others, encouraging or even pushing others to be better
or greater than they think themselves to be."

“Inflation of humility maintains deflation of ego.”
~ Quotes-By-Artsieladie



Graphics/art created by Artsieladie, aka Sharon Donnelly ©2013 All rights reserved.
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"Of all the Gifts, Love is the best!
Give Love freely, without request!"

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