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2008-09-04 09:45:57
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Add your Curvey pictures!

We may not be "perfect" but dammit, we can be sexy too!

If you like... just add pictures of yourself..


Ok, there is now NUDITY on this wiki page! If such things offend you, do not scroll down..

[RabidSphinx] is banned from this wiki and therefore not allowed to comment here.

Categories: If you have a big collection of pics. Just contact me and I'll make you a wiki.

Do NOT be rude or spiteful on this page or any others. I will NOT tolerate it.

Erin's Curves aka [Love like Winter.]
Jess' Curves aka [Dirty Lil Juggalette]
Sasha's Curves aka [FireGypsy]
Natalie's Curves aka [fetishfaerie]
Kataki's Curves aka [d o n e]

[miss red-head]

[It takes a disaster to learn a lesson]

[The Perfect Mate For A Werewolf]

[Lord Sky_Elf]

My tummy... :P

I really like my curves ^.^

[Roxy {catalyst}]
Hips and boobies!!!

[Me and my curves haha]

Halloween curves! With my BF.. He's got curves too, I guess.. lol

[EmJ Taylor]
I have lost weight since then but that was taken at a photoshoot of mine in August. Curvvvvvayyyy!!!! =] xo

[Eyes of the Reaper]
Yay! Go me and my boobs! O.o'

[Cloud Natiion]
...and boobs =] Tehe

I Now offically love myself

[Sister Creep]


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2008-07-16 [eyelinertears]: right

2008-08-13 [Her Man]: Wow every woman on this wiki is so beautiful... Add me.. If you want.. .

2 Lt. Brad Force
United States Army National Guard

2008-08-13 [Love like Winter.]: Awww, why thank you [Her Man]...

2008-10-27 [♥JENNIFER♥]: all so beautiful :) <3 yoru all beautiful :( if anyone disagree's ill be mad and sad... I SAY you all look gorgeous :) xoxoxo Jenni

2008-10-28 [Love like Winter.]: Hehe, thank you! I agree, they're all gorgeous :D

2009-01-10 [eyelinertears]: hey yall

2009-01-10 [Love like Winter.]: Ello!

2009-01-30 [fetishfaerie]: .. even more new photos up on my wiki. ^-^ (I also deleted some old ones.. there were too many.)

2009-01-30 [Love like Winter.]: I saw! Very nice :)

Do you model profesionally?

2009-01-30 [DeeJay™]: *pokes [Love like Winter.]* when are you getting some more? :3

2009-01-30 [Love like Winter.]: Possibly? :)

2009-02-02 [fetishfaerie]: It depends on what you'd call "professionally". I don't get paid - but I do work for professional photographers as an art model (which later on sometimes gets hung in gallery shows or printed in articles). And I do a lot of self-portrait work which I plan on submitting to some local galleries - I am hoping to get a show within the next year or two. 

It's all for fun. ^-^ 

2009-02-02 [Love like Winter.]: Aw, thats really cool. I spose if you ever wanted it, you could make up a portfolio easily with all the free work you've done :)

2009-02-11 [fetishfaerie]: I've got a pretty nice portfolio. ^-^ I'm happy with it. I really just do it as a way to express myself and just... enjoy photography. I like to get at it from all angles: I photograph, model, do make-up and hair, styling, etc - I even make a number of accessories. It's just a fun process and it gives me a break from painting/drawing. 

2009-02-11 [Love like Winter.]: I plan to do photography next year, for my degree! I do find its always made so much easier when the model is somewhat pretty and confident...

2010-11-14 [elfpackisgash]: I like fatties too- they're brilliant to laugh at :)

2010-11-14 [Eyes of the Reaper]: Awwww! :) How awfully ignorant and immature of you! ^-^

2010-11-16 [eyelinertears]: Sorry id rather be fat and happy then be skinny and feel that i need to make other ppl feel bad about themself because your life sucks.And i have a man that loves every curve and inch of my body so beanertowel i sugest u to fuck off :)

2010-11-16 [elfpackisgash]: Aye? I thought this was a fatty appreciation page, I was jst tryin to join in. Congratulations on finding a man willing to sleep with you :)Sorry you took offense!

2010-11-19 [Lust]: BeanerTowel, do you really have that low of self confidence? Kind of sad..

2010-11-20 [elfpackisgash]: Not at all I have a healthy amount of self confidence n feel pretty good about myself. I honestly thought this was a page that was sayin how great fat people are cuz I love watchin fat families, biggest loser, you are what you etc. cuz I think fatties are brilliant. Sorry for the misunderstanding!

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