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The Perfect Mate For A Werewolf (here)

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One of my huskies.


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In case you haven't already guesses I like wolves. I advise you not to tell me they are vicious bloodthirsty animals unless you want a lecture and an arguement that you will lose.

<img:> Here's a story:

A girl was in an abusive relationship with a guy (let's call him Dickhead). She (let's call her Christy) really liked Dickhead. All of Christy's friends disliked him. Dickhead was friends with the guy (he'll be Mac) that Christy's friend Amy was going to TWIRPS with. Amy was talking to Mac and his friends and Dickhead was near by. One of Mac's friends asked about Amy's sled dogs. Dickhead misheard and asked if she was a pole dancer. Amy just glared at him.
Christy still liked Dickhead but was too afraid to ask him out. Amy told her that he was no good and a dick head.
Dickhead asked Christy out. Amy decided to be supportive of Christy if not the relationship.
Dickhead asked if he could make out with Christy because he had never done it with any other girls. Pretty soon everyone thought Christy was a slut. Amy wanted to punch Dickhead or castrate him, but that was against school rules.
Dickhead took Christy out to lunch or at least that's was he told her. He took her to a back alley and put his hands up her shirt. Christy was uncomfortable and told him to stop. He didn't.
Christy told Amy about it and her other friends. They all wanted to beat his ass. But Christy still liked him.
Dickhead told Christy that he'd change and begged for Amy's forgiveness. Christy believed him. Amy thought he was a liar in addition to a pervert, sex offender, and all around moron.
One day Amy and her friend Elisa saw Christy and Dickhead leaving campus for lunch. They had the brilliant idea of following them. After sneaking around like bad spies the followed them of campus. However they lost them at an alley. Naturally they assumed that Dickhead had taken Christy down there to molest her. So they walked a little ways back and begin loudly debating about whether or not Mac had gone down the alley. Dickhead came out from the bushes.
Amy and Elisa asked if he had seen Mac. He said he hadn't. The girls asked why he was here. Dickhead lied and said he was "just passing through".
Amy and Elisa knew he was lying because who spends their lunch passing through allies?
So they went around to the other end of the alley, where they waited and debated going through the alley again.
However they decided that it would look very suspicious.
Fortunately one of Amy's friends and her friends was coming up the street, acting very loud and drunk or something. So they her and her friends to go through the alley and be loud. They also gave a brief description of why. They agreed.
After the other friends had disrupted Christy and Dickhead Amy and Elisa ended up walking back to school with them.
Once they got back they talked to Christy and found that nothing had happened. Dickhead had just wanted to talk. Amy then proceeded to flip Dickhead off behind hid back.
Dickhead also tested Christy with nasty messages. So much for that change, Amy thought. Amy, Elisa and Christy's friend Becky went to the school counselor and reported the occurrence.
They soon convinced Christy to go to the counselor. Amy wanted Dickhead to be arrested. Dickhead's father was a wealthy dude in their town so even if Christy had wanted to press charges it probably wouldn't happen.
Dickhead has broken up with Christy, and is currently begging Amy's forgiveness. She's ignoring him.
Dickhead's 14, perverted and looks up porn.
Mac's 15, knew about it and tried to convince Amy that Dickhead was okay once you got to know him.
Elisa's 14, disturbed and let's Amy swear at Dickhead and she thinks crap is a swearword.
Becky's 14, been molested before and hates Dickhead.
Christy's 15, obsessed with her face, has no self esteem, no mother, and a father that beats her.
I am 14, against rape and molestation. I wrote this using no one's (including myself) real names. I always thought stuff like this didn't happen to a bunch of 14 and 15 year olds. I thought you'd only have to worry about this stuff if you were older. Whenever I heard about rape or molestation or kidnapping it always happened so far away. It couldn't happen here. It could and it did. And it shouldn't have.
Does anyone but me think this is wrong and disgusting? Anyone doubt that this happened? Message me [The Perfect Mate For A Werewolf] and ask. Because this did happen. And it can happen to you and your friends.

I like to draw and write. If you want I'll gladly show you some of the art and the stories.

No matter how hard I try I always end up being the same person offline as I am online. No matter where I go I always end up being me. Which might be a good thing for you. Seeing as I'm always me and you don't have to worry about me being some sixty two year old man in Winsconsin. Partly because of the polkamusic there. Another is that I have recently gotten a digital camera and have developed a love of taking pictures of myself. So if you thought the pictures were stolen, then your wrong. I mean who would be able to steal so many pictures of the same person.

I am predictably unpredictable.

I'm also mildly insane.

I am currently 3 girl skier on the Varsity girls team. But one girl didn't come to the race and another didn't come to the practice. So I might be 4th or 5th soon.

I'm to be in 9th grade this year. In high school.
I got my first high school assigment before I was out of 8th grade. (Honors English essay.)
I have never broken a bone. (Which is amazing considering the things I do.)

<img:> Ever met someone that everyone likes but you. You don't like them, and you can't say why? You know you aren't jealous because you don't want to be blonde, blue eyed, and a cheerleader. But you just don't like them. And you can't put your finger on it. Or your reason is because they don't feel right.


Age: 14Year of birth: 1991Month of birth: 4Day of birth: 9

Gender: female

Place of living: USA-California

Exact place of living: A small town.

Known languages

Elfpack crew wannabe: Yes


Other interests

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Height: 163

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