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Updates 2008-07-12

Elfpack got several updates Saturday 2008-07-12. These are the main ones:

New buttons

The buttons are more 3D. The colour-scheme is the mixture of the prison and Australian themes of Elfpack. The grey is the prison, the yellow in the blue is the burning sun, the general background colour is sand and the buttons are wood. The colours came here because so many were wishing for colours.

The right column

The right column is totally re-organized. The important stuff is more to the top now. The bookmark-button is placed on top right instead of somewhere on the page.


There are generally less ads for logged in members now. You have a big ugly ad right on top of your house though, but those ads should be targetted to what you have written in your house, so it can't only be bad... (Says the greedy king who wants all your gold!)

Small stuff

You have a button for a random wiki-page, you can comment on a diary note in your own diary, you get hints if the one you're commenting on in a forum is a member of an other forum where you might want to place a reply, members automatically watch wiki-pages they comment on, you can watch the comments to polls, and there are many more estetic fixes, bigger textareas and such.

Last visitors

You now have to click on "Add me" to get added to the last visitor list, so you'll get fewer people there, but you'll know the ones you get have actually pressed that button. There is also a last visited page, so that people can see if you have been a good Elfpacker and visited many houses.


You now have preview-buttons so that you can check how the pseudo-HTML looks like before submitting it.

Mood history

Your mood-editing have moved to your house. But you'll get history of the previous moods your friends have had. So if someone writes "I went there", you can see it afterwards even if you weren't active at the site at that moment.

Updates 2008-07-28

You can invite people to a wiki-page! Everyone will only be invited once to a wiki-page, so there is no risk that anyone gets flooded with invitations from a single wiki-page even if everyone sends everyones invitations to it.

Orders of the wiki and member changes are in order of with the last update first now.

It's now easier for the crew to badge people.

Everything, especially the forums and the wiki-pages, is much faster now.

You have a list of "Interesting people:" down to the right. It's selected by looking at whom you are watching. If someone else watches the same person as you are, you'll have a chance of seeing someone who that person is also watching, but you aren't watching yourself. Or to make it simple: It shows someone that someone like you might have on watch.

Please comment on this page if something isn't perfect! There are probably loads of bugs and mis-features because the upgrade is so extensive.

Updates 2008-08-03

You now have the Mainstuff items on watch, unless you start to unwatch them. And the new messages and guestbook messages links only appear if you have something new there.

(Lots of small fixes...)

Updates 2009-01-18

You now have Rate Polls. You can rate them here:

Username (or number or email):


Login problems?

2008-10-07 [Legendary]: cool

2008-10-07 [Hedda]: What you name the relation is only a note to the ones listing your relations. It's still a relation.

2008-10-07 [Legendary]: i see

2008-12-14 [~forgotten~]: =[

2008-12-16 [entire parenthesis]: *Offers you a Banana*

2008-12-16 [~forgotten~]: XP Me?

2008-12-16 [entire parenthesis]: *nods*
Everyone likes pie.

2008-12-16 [~forgotten~]: XP
Yeah haha

2009-01-06 [MadHatress]: I've been thinking...
I'd like to know who's watching some of my wiki-pages at times...
just thought I'd throw that out there

2009-01-06 [entire parenthesis]: Well you can see how many people are watching your wiki pages.
A rough way to work out who those are, would be to check how many are watching it and then post new content and a new comment and then see how many comment on that new stuff and see how many write something and check it against how many people it says are watching and you will get some idea of who's watching it.

2009-01-06 [MadHatress]: That doesn't always work because not everyone posts a comment in return.
usually I can tell who's watching my the people I send the link to and who don't reply period, but there are always those that just...appear, and you won't know who they are, even if you 'talk' to them

2009-01-06 [entire parenthesis]: Add a password to your wikipage and then all those who ask for it will be all those who are watching/care.

2009-01-06 [MadHatress]: that still leaves people watching my page. If they don't want anything to do with it, I should be able to delete them from it or something

2009-01-06 [entire parenthesis]: They arent watching it on purpose though, they message and it automatically makes them a watcher, and you're that bothered about the number?
They might be watching it but they wont be able to get onto it, so what would it matter.

2009-01-07 [Hedda]: [MadHatress]: No, you should not be able to tell what others can watch. Watching is a service to the one watching, not to the one publish the stuff.

Anyhow: In the pipeline there is a feature that will make it possible to become a "fan" of a wiki-page. The fans of a wiki-page will be possible to list and you can list what wiki-pages someone is a fan of.

But what wiki-pages someone is watching is their private secret.

2009-01-08 [MadHatress]: Why?
Then, why have the counter for the number of watchers?

2009-01-08 [entire parenthesis]: Shits and giggles.

2009-01-08 [MadHatress]: don't remember asking you...(don't mean to be rude)

2009-01-17 [poopbucket]: O_O

2013-08-19 [Morgoth]: I still get an internal server error when I click the rate poll.

2013-09-06 [Stephen]: I did mention that.

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