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<img:stuff/3wiki.gif> This wiki won 3rd in the Best Wiki Award, Sept. 2011!

These were all taken by me of my avatar--Auguste--and edited by me in a program/game called SecondLife, to which I am highly addicted. (The editing was all done in GIMP.) My Flickr: SecondLife: GIMP:


All images are thumbnails.
Photo names are below the image.


I Planted a Seed Today...

Elven Character

Autumn Profile Picture for Auguste

Breathe Out

I Hope to Fly

Vintage Sun




Attempt V.2

Coloful V.2



Starry Eyed

Elffy Take II


Crow's Nest

Cutie on a Cuppycake

Gothic Pirate

Discarded Like a Doll

Oh noes! It's Drama!

Wondering Faun

Miss Daisy

"I still need you," she whispered.

It's Doomsday


Kawaii V.1

Kawaii V.2

Elffy Take I

High Contrast




Rainy Day V.1

Rainy Day V.2

The Queen and Her Throne


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2010-04-22 [Raiyr]: I think Miss Daisy is by far my favourite ^^ they're all very good though. It reminds me of Second Life?

2010-04-22 [Raiyr]: Ah, cause it is! I didn't read lol.

2010-04-22 [La Fleur de La Croix]: lol Yeah. It's SL. :)

2010-05-13 [comfyshoes]: ha, i hated second life. I had to use it for school work. But this makes me want to explore it a little more

2010-05-13 [La Fleur de La Croix]: I play it religiously--own a clothing store, photo studio, and a huge fashion group.

2010-11-14 [Stephen]: o.o

Second Life? What's that. o.o

2010-11-14 [La Fleur de La Croix]: It's a virtual game. It's hard to explain.

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