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2005-01-30 04:51:01
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This is a page for Slaves yet to come. When you become a slave you may choose from our various slaves to become.


If you have a contribution to this page you may message me with it. I urge upon this since i have been having a hard time finding them myself. I need more pictures of men tied up and chained. They are not easy to find. I thank you for your contribution if you do so.

Your master,

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2005-01-29 [RabidSphinx]: i like the last one...the one with the black and red...very sexy...i have some bondage...need it?

2005-01-30 [FireGypsy]: id love your contribution!

2005-01-30 [RabidSphinx]: i can't find the ones i saved...i think i deleted them...but i'll try and find you more

2005-01-30 [FireGypsy]:

2005-02-05 [CHiNA FACE]: i like the 2nd one.. mwahahahaha.. lol.

2005-02-05 [FireGypsy]: grr shes mine! dont Gawk at my slaves!

2005-03-09 [Jane Senero]: can i be a slave?

2005-03-09 [FireGypsy]: ill think about it. =)

2005-03-09 [Jane Senero]: aww, but i wanna be one, i'll be good i promise!!

2005-03-09 [FireGypsy]: still thinking ;)

2005-03-10 [Jane Senero]: okay...

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