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Be proud of your sexuality! Be proud to be a lesbian!


This wiki is for all lesbians, bi-sexuals and people that support gay or lesbian couples. Support lesbians! Be proud about what you are, don't be scared to say "I'm a lesbian and I love to have sex with girls."
Fair enough that some people scared to come out and just say it but they fear what there family and friends might say or do. Trust me all lesbians that have came out the closet do know a little something about it. Not all family and friends are going to try and kill you or make your life a living hell but they just might accept it and just get over it or they might be over the moon about it.


So this wiki is to support other lesbians in life, to help them come out the closet in the most safest way, to help some girls that think they might be a lesbian. But most of all this is a safe place to talk about everything from sex tips to where to go to the best lesbian bar and clubs. And to make friends here too.



1. [Away forever, bye] Proud lesbian ;D
2. [Tis gone but never gone] Proud Bi ^^
3. [ArtworkA]
4. [shadows of life] supports gay and lesbians
5. [gypsy_soul] proud bi
6. [Purpleblood] Proud Bi
7.[MadHatress] Proudly supports sexuality of all varieties.
9. [Lord Starscream] Proud Bi
10. [hinata hyuuga (kimiko)] supports gay and lesbians. ^_^
11. [underneath the stars]
12. [Zenolia Rose]-Proud Bi-sexual♥
13.[CHACHA]-So PrRoD 2 bE Bi SeXuAl 4LiFe
14. [L'il Porkchop]- Proud Bisexual. :) <3
15.[NyxianVanity]-supports:gay,bi, pan, tran,a- and all ^^ be yourselves!
16.[HeAVenShallBuRN] - Supports all sexuallity
17. [Ritsuka-Kun] to each their own i like to say
18. [Cerulean Sins] Proud Lesbain!♥
19. [Amaya.Kai.Kyouwa] Proud BiSexual!! Rainbow all day!
20. [InLoveDontBothe r] Thinks i may be Bi but either way i support lesbians,gays,Bi's, and everyone!!
21. [.:Ashley:.] Lesbian! <3
22. [~Mystical Misty~] I'm a proud Bisexual!
23. [becca21] XxlesbianxX
24. [Stephen]
25. [sammie h!]


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[Tis gone but never gone]: I know right? :D *hug and kisses back [Away forever, bye]. So you coming to Gemma's party on 18th, Anna?

[Away forever, bye]: Nah I can't remember I have work, Michelle. Which is so fucked up cause I would have gone and dressed up as Pocahontas! *sighs*

[skrillex.]: yeah i was invited here.
im a dude.

[HeAVenShallBuRN]: :o I'm a lesbian >>

[becca21]: ha ha, lol, but your a guy

[HeAVenShallBuRN]: nu way! wait *looks in pants* OHSHI yer right

[Stephen]: Why does it not surprise me Becca21 was here. :P

And why does it surprise me even LESS that Bás was here? xP

[HeAVenShallBuRN]: :o why are YOU here?

[Stephen]: Random wiki button. =]

And now, I have a very important and almost official, but not quite official announcement that everyone should read...



Moo Cow says "Moo!" =)

[HeAVenShallBuRN]: I'm stab you now.

[Stephen]: You make my milk feel bad about itself. =[

[Stephen]: Hm, the page owner seems to have left Elfpack. Shame. :(

[sammie h!]: I would take over the wiki. :)

[Stephen]: I'd say that surprises me, but it doesn't. ;)

However, the owner hasn't been gone too long, and it doesn't say it's up for taking over on page, so for now we should leave it be. =]

[sammie h!]: Come on, it is me, lol, I'm not a lesbian but i'm proud to help others

[Stephen]: Helping people is always a good thing. :3

[sammie h!]: I know, I love it

[Zenolia Rose]: Sexy lesbians!! I am about to delete my elfpack account.
If you want to get at me...hit me up on facebook!/JenovaFox

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