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Lingonberry Margarita


2 cl Blue CuraƧao
7 cl Tequila
10 cl lingonberries (also known as cowberries, see
3 ice cubes

Drag a lime, lemon or something around the top outside of the cocktail glass. Then put some salt in your hand and rotate the glass in it. Have some ice in the glass to cool it for a minute or so.

Put everything except the salt but including about 3 cubes of ice in a blender and blend it. Blend if for a long time! Empty the glass of the ice and poor up the thick stuff from the blender. Done!

About the taste

This is a very daring drink. You will probable not like it. It tastes tequila enough to make a Mexican think twice. The lingonberries replaces the lime normally used in a Margarita, and does that job quite well.

As an alternative, you can have less tequila and a little crushed ice in the glass.

If you like raspberries, try Raspberry Margarita, or if you like try the Strawberry Margarita instead. Blackberry Margarita is another variation.

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