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2006-06-06 15:32:44
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Lilo Kali Sonic

Kali and Sonic is visiting Lilo and me as their human is away so much this weekend (2006-06-06).

<img0*300:stuff/z/1/Lilo%2520Kali%2520Sonic/p1010001.jpg> Kali on my printer.
<img0*300:stuff/z/1/Lilo%2520Kali%2520Sonic/p1010003.jpg> Lilo in the TV-sofa
<img0*300:stuff/z/1/Lilo%2520Kali%2520Sonic/p1010004.jpg> Sonic in my bed.


/ [Hedda]

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2006-06-07 [kittykittykitty]: awww Sonic looks so cute when he's grooming ^_^

2006-06-20 [Goodbye EP]: My kitty always manages to look odd in his photos. <img:>

2006-06-28 [Wendy]: The last pic of Lilo is adorbable! Lilo looks so tiny in it!

2006-08-01 [FireGypsy]: *pets the kitties*

2006-12-01 [critter]: Face picture of Kali on the printer: Kali says, "I will destroy you for waking me up with your blinding flash camera." O.O

2006-12-02 [Hedda]: [critter]: That's acutally one of Kali's friendly faces... She can look much more evil than that!

2007-07-25 [Amaranthine]: Aww! They're all just so cute! My cats eyes are huge, green, and scary.

2007-07-29 [Hedda]: Lilo and Sonic just had an argument. Something about "Clean the litter box you filthy bitch!!!", "You're fat!" and "Shut the fuck up crybaby!".

2007-10-17 [Asrun]: omg Hedda!! :O I named one of my new kittens Kali!! :O But it's because she's a calico. :I  I didn't even know you had other kitties besides Lilo!

2007-10-17 [Asrun]: Or wait, were they just visiting you and Lilo? :D

2007-10-18 [Hedda]: Yepp. Kali and Sonic are Lilith's cats.

They are here right now again, but they are going home about now.

2007-10-18 [Asrun]: Aww.... Kitty Visit over! :(

2007-10-20 [Hedda]: Who needs Kali when there is a Lilo in one's lap? <img:>

2007-10-22 [Asrun]: But kitties all together are so much fun! Of course, Lilo's are fun on their own as well!

2007-11-08 [shinobi14]: I must say, [Hedda], you have a very pretty kitty. XD

2008-03-27 [Midori]: Kitties! I like the last one best, whe all you can see is their heads, and balls of fur for bodies, hee!

2008-05-10 [phoenixborn]: I'm afraid Sonic has the other two hands down in the cuteness stakes. I wants :) Damn [Hedda], You got hairy arms XD

2008-05-11 [shinobi14]: Yeah right! Lilo is the cutest, BY FAR!! >.<

2008-05-12 [phoenixborn]: Kiss-ass :P

2008-05-12 [shinobi14]: Nope. Cute kitty lover. Look at the eyes, dude!

2008-05-12 [phoenixborn]: I know! It's amazing! Why they're...they're just like cats eyes! Astonishing! :P Sonic hs the whole silky thing going on man :P

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