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Name: [HeAVenShallBuRN]
Image: <img:>

Name: [Amalaswinta] - a park in Schiedam, a few years ago (can't prove it's mine but I'm not posting this one to win anything so, yeah... )

Name: [Saffron]
(My Amazing Mr. Snowman!)

Name: [Stephen]
As seen in my house. :3

Name: [Deg]
As seen from my bedroom window this morning as the sun was rising. =]
My much less pretty proof picture. :( Haha!

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2012-01-06 [Amalaswinta]: eh, I say, at least for this particular contest, I know the posters and trust them

2012-01-06 [Amalaswinta]: if you actually do have proof though, just post it on this page, next to the entry :)

2012-01-06 [Deg]: Yeah, good call. :)

2012-01-06 [Deg]: Oh alright then haha. I just took a really quick picture, I can post it as proof right now.

2012-01-06 [Amalaswinta]: :)

2012-01-06 [sammie h!]: That will do fine. :)

2012-01-06 [Amalaswinta]: excellent even ;)

2012-01-06 [sammie h!]: Shut it smithers lol

2012-01-06 [Amalaswinta]: hehehehehe

2012-01-06 [Cerulean Sins]: Since I can't properly prove this is my photo, even though I have a picture of it on Facebook. I'm going to remove it. And I'll do the same with the cookie picture.

2012-01-06 [Amalaswinta]: (71min ago) [Amalaswinta]: eh, I say, at least for this particular contest, I know the posters and trust them

2012-01-06 [Cerulean Sins]: I know hun but I just don't want to break any rules :)

What can I say, I was raised by old people and they drummed manners and told me rights from wrongs :D

2012-01-06 [Amalaswinta]: lol!
well, at least you can put the cookie picture back up (check my comment) :)

2012-01-06 [Cerulean Sins]: I've commented back to the cookie comment lol

2012-01-06 [Amalaswinta]: 5. You must prove the picture is your own work.
That means either YOU must be in the photo, or you must have your username, 'EP' or 'Elfpack' somewhere in there.

2012-01-06 [Amalaswinta]: now you can put it back up.

2012-01-06 [Deg]: No arguing with that logic! :D The rules have been changed...and I think they're still fair, which is the main point.

2012-01-06 [Amalaswinta]: indeed

2012-01-07 [sammie h!]: The rules are there so you don't steel pictures off someone else, they re good rules so that we know your work is your own. :)

2012-01-07 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: IF anyone's commenting on SAffrons photo...I do believe she's got it on her facebook, from WAY BACK before she met me

2012-01-07 [sammie h!]: Don't worry, me and Ama have sorted it and we trust all the submissions. :)

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