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If you really love Elfpack, or you'd like a place to discuss Elfpack with friends off-site, or a place to hang out and chat with Elfpack buddies when Elfpack is down, then come and join our official Facebook group, founded by [Cerulean Sins]. It even features Elfpack celebrities, like [Hedda] and [Amalaswinta]! ;)

------> Click on the link! Click on the link!<-------

Our official Facebook group is great place to go if your internet is down on your computer or laptop because you can use your phone! :D You can get all the latest updates on contests, polls, Elfpack news, Jokes, poems and so much more!

So come and join and one of our awesome admins, [Cerulean Sins], [HeAVenShallBuRN] or [Stephen] will let you into our amazingly cool group!

If you want to get in touch with our group then feel free to email us!

Join in and be a part of the amazing experience! :D


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