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*blows kisses* Photos and/or artwork of, well, blowing kisses Show us the love people!


La Rules of Love!

<img:stuff/aj/28425/book_red_blob.png> One entry contest
<img:stuff/aj/28425/book_red_blob.png> All work must be your own
<img:stuff/aj/28425/book_red_blob.png> Have fun and show the love!


1st place [Sonya Blue]- kissesforelfpack with 4 votes
2nd place [Cerulean Sins] - ILoveYouKisses with 3 votes
3rd place [hinata hyuuga (kimiko)] - kissesforaspecialsomeone with 2 votes

Entries <3

Example: Lovely kisses

1. kissesforelfpack

2. kissesforaspecialsomeone

3. ILoveYouKisses

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2012-02-11 [Stephen]: I'd enter this if I could take a picture of myself making a kissy face without feeling very awkward. x)

2012-02-11 [Sonya Blue]: I did it! you can too! lol

2012-02-11 [Stephen]: It's different for females. ]=

2012-02-11 [Amalaswinta]: why?

2012-02-11 [Stephen]: Well, I'm going to assume for men it's much more strange to look at a camera and make a kissy face. x)

I've never seen a guy do it, but I've seen lots of women. It feels awkward. x3

2012-02-11 [Amalaswinta]: that'd only make it extra special... and if there's one guy doing it maybe more will follow :D

2012-02-11 [Stephen]: xD

I'll think about it. 

I entered the Swearing Story Contest, at least. x3

2012-02-11 [Amalaswinta]: :D

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