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Iinspiiratiion Natiion's Biitch

Member #53770 created: 2009-03-01 00:52:30Simple URL:   



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Crazy kid


"You shoulda got on stage done a br00t4l pose and shouted "I'm Honor and I'm all about the pussy!"

Im Honor and i'm one hardcore kiddy.
I like my drink, I smoke, I love going out with my mates, they're better than you.
Brings me to the point, [Cloud Natiion] is my best friend (off of this site), we basically live together.
Whether we're sneaking out the house at 2 in the morning (through her sister [Zombiie Natiion]'s window)
or getting stoned in the garden, its always a laugh.
Also, [Iinspiiratiion Natiion] is a good mate and drags us to Gay Pride with him :D
I'm really nice once you get to know me, but I don't know how much i'll get on this site.
Leave me a message anyways and I'll def. reply to you!
But fuck me over, and that's it, i'll fuck you up.
Learn to play the gamee.

Bloody Beautiful. - THIS IS SIIIICKK

[Joshua.] - JoshJoshJosh! He's offf the handle! ;D

Gender: female

What do you do?: Studying

Place of living: United Kingdom-England-London

heavy metalhip hoprap

Other interests
beercard gameschasing the preferred sex
cookingcrime storiesdrinks

Sexual preference: both sexes

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