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Name: ASH!



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I like the British 'Queer as Folk' more than the American one. It's raunchier.
I am completely miserable.
I hate forcing myself to do enjoyable things.
Applied to PETA only to receive free shit.
PSP broke. It was like my pet died.
I want to go to a small country in Europe for 3 months and just do absolutely nothing.
I want a Scottish Fold. They're the cutest little motherfuckers in the world.
The Sun hates me and I hate The Sun.
I like making necklaces.
Keep having dreams about giving people my stuff and having sex with rotting guys.
I'm starting to collect things for my future place. i.e. plates, cups, deco.
I love Keno!
Having brown hair sucks balls.
My Dog ate my Aviators! asdfghjk!!!!
Techno sounds better when I'm tired.
I bought Jesus plates, btw.
Ed Hardy? Eh... I dunno...
I want my old Lisa Frank folder with the Hippie Aliens on it.
I think I need a boyfriend.
I wanna wear flip-flops more often.
I need more body-parts for my man-vase.
I collect ribbons!
And glasses!
Am I the only person on this Earth who doesn't like Oasis?
Sorry. I have a cold.
My favorite pedophile just died. God fucking damn, how tragic...
Summer is fucking boring. Someone save me.
My schedule is fucked, too. I wake up at 4pm and go to sleep at 6-8am.
My teacher gave me a pot of dirt for Earth Day and said they where flowers.
So I watered everyday...
...and I watched it grow.
The flowers where open when I woke up this morning.
How did she know my favorite flowers were Lilies?
I've got a headache and I can't go to sleep. :/
I like how if I look to my right, on my bed are 3 iPod nanos and a video one. I feel rich.
I wanna bake a cake. And not one of that flimsy Betty Crocker shit. Like, full out, layered, kick-ass, cake.
I'm listening to RENT.
I wish I was all original, bohemian, and shit. Damn.
My little brother does that dance to that one song from Beyonce.
Yanno, the one talking about single chicks. Anyway, it's fucking precious. I'm gonna catch it on video one day, I swear.
My room smells like a liquor store. I like it. It makes me want a Monster.
Since when indie and folk music get cool?
Like the stuff on Juno, yanno? It's kinda weird... seeing stuff like that getting exposed to the public.
I love Justin Timberlake. There. I said it.
I might as well throw in Phil Collins in there while I'm at it.
It's funny listening to Hilary Clinton talk about pirates.
How the hell does she keep a straight face?
I have that song in my head. know, right? I have no idea...
We should get married.
My beautiful Xbox has the Ring of Death.
But, no matter.
I'm sending it in and getting a new one.
Yay warenties!
My little sister thinks theres a conspiracy concerning 'Hanna Montana'.
She refuses to believe Miely Cyrus and 'Hanna Montana' is the same person.
But, now that I think about it...
My legs hurt. My cats are gay. Like, Prison-gay. My black cat, Sugar, is like...the pitcher and my other two cats are totally catching.
I finally have reached a point in my life where I could swear in front of the parentals.
And I fucking love it.
My best friend, for Valentine's Day, painted a beautiful portrait of me as a saint.
So badass...
I have it over my bed.
Oh, btw, thanks to all of those sent me a link to MangaFox 'cause of my plea (re: is to be mentioned later).
I'm on that bitch constantly.
I have Netflix, now. I pay for it and all but the promblem is trying to smuggle all these inappropriate movies I'm ordering under the parentals' nose.
I wanna be having sex when the big earthquake comes.
Is it weird to know Britney Spears' birthday by heart?
Shut up.
I need manga. Wanna donate?
Message in a bottle!!! *blows raspberry*
I got a new dog! I named him Dorian.
Great name, right?
Yeah. He's a black standard poodle.
That means he's gonna grow to be up to my waist or so.
I'm 5'9 for the record.
Thanksgiving was... interesting.
I'm went to Buttfuck, Egypt (central California) to see my grandda and that whole side of the family.
Most of the kids are Rammenstien-listening, ICP-loving gothy/vampire kids.
And all of them are loud, fat, drunk, Germans.
Now, tell me the truth. How fucking Pimp is that godamned show Superjail?!
I mean C'mon! It's fucking badass!!! Christ...
I'm going to be home schooled again.
Whatever, right? Its not like its completely horrible or anything but you do get tired of watching Jerry Springer every morning.
Actually, scratch that.I fucking love that show.
But, uhm, oh! I know! I'm fucking sick of People's Court. Ha! There! Take that!
Remember Max Steal? Yeah. Me too.
So... who's tired of the commercials? *raises hand*
Oh and the Verizon guy should totally fuck Chad from Alltel.
Oh! and, uhm, ya know the new Axe commercial with the Chocolate guy?!
Duuuude it's fucking dark.
Today, I captured a spider.
I'd tell you the rest but most of you wouldn't like me anymore if I did.
Yeah, uh, Disney? If you're reading this, I want you to calm the fuck down, kay? I forgave you for the fucking Nemo ride but uhm, what you did to Ariel?
Homigawd. Catgog, you guys! Catdog!!!
I dyed my hair black. And I am so very sorry. But I was tired of being compared to that bitch in Paramore.
I have a bunch of bugbites in the shape of a boat.
Its pretty cute.
Can a snake eat itself?
My grandmother bought me black roses. How Gothic of her. Oshun is deep. Mmmmhm!
My aunt just got me subscriptions to Allure and Vouge.
Its not enough that I see perfect skinny bitches at my school. Now I gotta see them when I get home, too.
I love you Daniel Tosh. But I'm fucking Kyle Cease behind your back. Don't look at me like that Dane Cook.
You had your chance.
School just started and the Hanna Montana generation kids are our Freshman and sophomores.
Look up my name on the Urban Dictionary. Just do it.
No questions.
Red and blue are my favorite colors.
And not just red. It's gotta be red, ya know? Like a fucking Firetruck or something.
Same for blue.
I'm more of a cerulean type of person. Azure, sometimes.
Sapphire just gives me headaches.
I love the sunset all most as much as I love thunderstorms. Almost. I just got a dog. Its so gimp. Its like some mutilated Chiwawa...
Fukkin' ugly.
I'm gonna be an actress. What do you think?
While my mom was sleeping, I drew a sad face on her arm fat. My grandma laughed so hard.
I have a Jesse McCartney weakness.
Did ya know I believe in reincarnation? Yup. I do.
And all that jazz about things happening for a reason, fate, and soul mates?
Believe in that too.
Does all of that have a religion, though?
I wouldn't join it or anything. Religion's too troublesome.
But it'd be nice to know.
I'm a Capricorn.
Yup. Born on New Year's Eve. Pretty sweet, right?
I think my matches are Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, and Pisces. Chyeah.
I don't like chicks with dyed red hair. Only I'm aloud to have awesome flaming hair...
Ya know, Thor's name probobly wasn't even Thor. He could have a lisp. He could have just been 'sore'.
"I'm thore."
"You're Thor?"
"No, I-"
"Alright, Thor whatever."
I'm so retarded.
i drink it up!!!111one!eleven
I have the hottest room in the whole house. It's hard to breathe in here.
Warped Tour can suck my cock.
I've been on a mad Slurpee craze since Saturday. Pina Colada mixed with Banana. Fuuuuuck yes.
I ran over a cat today. Sorry, cat.
I met a fanboy at school today and we 'fangirled' all day. I was so happy.
Tony Hawk's Underground 2 is retarded. I got it at the sawp meet so I can't blame it.
Buy me a cell phone, please.
I love glow sticks and LED lights so hard it hurts.
When my little sister moved out of the house, I stole her black light. She just stole it back this weekend, though.
My grandma found my stash of knives and she's all, "You're weird. You don't even cut people." I just cocked an eyebrow. What does she know, right?
My Gameboy decided that it doesn't want to work anymore. Fine. I see how it is.
I drew a cartoon of a d-bag with a tattoo last night.
I am now a proud owner of something illegal.
I would like to own a list of every piece of information available that concerns Lance Bass' ex-boyfriends. Don't ask me why. Even I don't even know.
My right ear piercing closed up and I decided to reopen it. Myself. My ear bleed so bad and it hurt. But the fuckery doesn't end there. I had no ear piercing equipment so I decided to use a safety pin. So, right now, I have a huge ass safety pin lodged in my earlobe with blood gathered down and around the metal.
This shit hurts.
I saw The Happening this weekend. The twist? Yeah. No twist.
My friend's PSP broke so he gave me all of his PSP shit. Inculding an ass load of vide games and movies. Not to metion the 1 GB MEMORY CARD! ftw.
The Chinese Backstreet Boys are my favorite.
I thought I saw Amy Winehouse at the hospital.But it wasn't her.Just some chick that looked like her.Holding two babies.
I was sitting quietly and I let my mind wander in the ER then I got a nosebleed.
They gave me really soft tissues.
I talked to the doctor guy and he said, "Take these pills and you'll feel much better"
Pilllllls are gewwwdd.
The ER vampire said I shouldn't wear so much make up.
I'll choke that d-bag.
Apparently, some dude was hitting on me in front of his wife and kids at Disneyland. Pretty fukkin' awesome.
I'm in-fucking-love with Kazusa Takashima.
I just rearranged my room. I felt the need to 'cause I kept having bad dreams and thoughts and I once heard that when you sleep, if your feet are facing the door, it's bad luck or whatever. So, I moved everything in hopes I won't go on a killing spree or something.
I have summer school. Pretty satanic.
My iPod broke.
My iPod broke.
My iPod broke.
*goes through withdrawals*
I put more beads in my hair today. I'm so cool.
I'm getting a tattoo. What should I get?
My mom caught me reading some fan fiction ( a lemon scene at that) and I successfully pursued her a growing girl needs her gay porn.
I got a Olive Garden gift card today. It was sooo random. But whatever. I <3 pasta.
It snowed today.
I dyed my roots black.
I don't like Hello Kitty.
My Tamagatchi died today. I was so upset.
I like Monster drinks. They're like extreme 7Up.
When Cloverfield was over, I stood up and found my new religion.
My rooms a mess right now. Its usually very clean but people came over this weekend so I didn't keep it up as usual.
Dune was so boring. The Mist was fucked. Walking Hard was cool because it had full-frontal nudity.
Halo 3 is boring. I like Perfect Dark Zero better.
My skin smells like vanilla because of my new body wash.
And apparently Head and Shoulders doesn't work 'cause my head is really itchy right now.
I need a job.
I have wrist bands saved from all of my hospital visits. One of them has my last name spelled wrong.
I think my Fan-Tail fish is retarded. My Beta fish is way cooler.
Right now, I have this weird collection of empty hairspray cans on my dresser. I'm just too lazy to throw them away.
I'm looking at my Magmar Pokemon card right now.
If you click 'Bookmarks' on my Firefox browser, you'll see Myspace, EP, ET, Gaia, and pr0n.
I have fakenails except for my left thumb and index finger. They broke when I was mowing the lawn.
My X-Box has been on for about 10 hours now. I should turn it off.
I was watching QaF and was really sad when Sunshine shaved his head.
Wat?! Wat?!
{Jesus Turner}

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Month of birth: 12Day of birth: 31

Gender: both

What do you do?: Studying

Place of living: USA-California

Exact place of living: Near Palm Springs...

gothgrungeheavy metal
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Other interests
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Civil status: single

Body shape: tentacle monster

Height: 173

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